In the United States, 60% of product Nicaragua Email List start directly on Amazon. The buying process for internet users that once was only initiated on Google has been completely transformed. In addition, with its Amazon Advertising platform which allows advertisers to run sponsored campaigns on Amazon , the e-commerce giant is carving out a growing share of advertiser budgets, which is causing Google a colossal loss of its advertising revenue. To break the “Amazon reflex” and be able to counter it, Google has just launched its Google Shopping Actions Marketplace solution on Wednesday March 20 and it is in France that the Montain View firm has decided to take its first steps

in addition the United States. Associated with several renowned French distributors such as Carrefour or Boulanger, Google offers a new shopping experience with Google Shopping Actions. The idea is to offer the Internet user to buy all the products of different brands on a single interface. The Internet user no longer has to navigate from site to site and create a multitude of accounts to order articles, everything is now centralized. This process is nothing new after all since it is the main objective of Marketplace platforms such as Amazon or Cdiscount. Except that unlike Amazon, Google Shopping Actions does not offer the delivery service and distributors must take care of this part.

The Google Shopping Actions interface

Access to Google Shopping Actions is free for sellers and Google insures a commission on each sale made. To access the Google Shopping Actions interface, simply type “Google Shopping” in the Google search bar and click on the first link. (And not on the “Google Shopping” tab which refers to the price comparison). A personalized main menu for each Internet user appears with different categories: Electronics, Home & Garden, Health & Beauty, Games & Toys, Food etc. Already ten of thousands of products are present there. Note that on the Google Shopping platform, there are now both classic Google Shopping ads.


Shopping Actions and necessarily the purchase process is different: Google Shopping ads always redirect to the seller’s site to complete the transaction. whereas with Shopping Actions, the transaction takes place directly on the platform. To identify Google Shopping Actions ads from traditional Shopping, just look for the little blue label on the product. While you don’t need a Google Account to browse the catalog, you will need one to complete your transaction. When making your purchase, if you place an order with four different sellers, that means you will have four different shipments. delivery google shopping actions Google Shopping & voice search

Payment & Delivery

Google hopes for the start of the school year to be able to make Google Shopping accessible with Google Assistant, present on smartphones and Google connected speakers so that when an Internet user wishes to order his coffee machine, Google Home offers him the product most suited to his needs and can do so. order for him. While it is estimated that by 2021, 30% of research will be carried out by voice command and given the massive arrival of connected speakers in homes, this should therefore prove to be a very profitable operation. Messages campaigns are great for engagement. If your prospects are more likely to request certain types of information before converting, then this type of campaign may be ideal.

With a welcome message, you have the option of directing your users, such as selecting an FAQ question or other request that users click and receive an automatic response. With an automatic chat, you can collect information from your prospects before directing them to the right department to respond to them. For example, you can ask for their email or zip code. Facebook helps maximize the user experience. Indeed, you can program questions with short answers (Yes / No) or even give a choice of answers from a list. The Catalog Sales objective targets e-commerce advertisers who have a catalog connected to their Business Manager. One of the most popular features for this type of goal is the ability to handle dynamic remarketing. It can also be used for other purposes, such as cross-selling, up-selling or even prospecting.

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