This new feature, which you can read Chile Email List here , is obviously being tested in the United States and Canada, and will allow companies, for $ 50 per month, to obtain a green badge certified by Google, bearing the name of “Guaranteed by Google”. Note that the “Google Guaranteed” badge has been available for several years in the United States via the Local Services Ads program , aimed at helping physical establishments acquire more prospects. Google Local Services is a pay-per-view advertising platform that Google My Business began to extend to several US states in mid-2017. The tweet below was offered this new offer from Google.

Today, it is a question of paying a subscription to obtain this badge, without being part of this program (which is not available in France). As you will have understood, to obtain this badge (if it is one day, available in France), you will need to subscribe to a monthly subscription of around $ 50 . To be eligible, Google will also make sure to verify the background of your establishment, your employees, as well as the obtaining of licenses (exactly the same verification process as for American establishments wishing to join the Local Services Ads program). After all, the purpose of this badge is to increase the trust that customers can have in establishments.

50 per month for an improved profile

Once you have passed the selection stage, you will be able to proudly display your certification badge in local paid Google Ads ads , but also directly on your profile and organic results ! There is no public data on CTRs or increasing engagement with the presence of a Google Guaranteed badge in the US, but we do assume that such profiles experience higher click-through rates with the badge that attracts more attention. In April 2019, Google sent out a survey questionnaire on US SME owners, which was also sent to digital marketing agencies. This survey focused on improving Google My Business services and profile updates, as well as how much businesses would be willing to pay for these services.


Verified profiles and Google Guaranteed certification were among the options offered in the survey. At that time, we were rightly wondering if a premium subscription model was in the works on Google My Business. Subscription fees, for new or improved services, have been on the GMB product roadmap for some time, as Google seeks to attract VSEs and SMEs that have yet to invest in online advertising. , or do not see the point. Google Ads has always had a high churn rate for small businesses. Of course, Google is also looking for ways to more directly monetize its Google My Business platform.

Towards more paid models

If Google decides to roll out this badge system globally across the world, adoption is likely to be significant. Indeed, if you run an establishment and you notice that your neighbor (and direct competitor) sports this quality badge, it is a safe bet that you will want to get it too. Which is understandable. If we look at the client side, the choice is quickly made between an establishment certified by Google which attracts attention in the results, thanks to the green badge, and a blank establishment certification sheet. With the explosion of TikTok which democratized short videos, this content format is fast becoming the cornerstone of brands’ content marketing strategy .

A model with great potential In a society where people want to consume content as quickly as possible, short videos are a fun way to get a message across while capturing the attention of the viewer. This trend, Facebook and Google have understood it well, since the two giants released in 2020, Reels on Instagram, and in 2021 Shorts on Youtube. Moreover, Instagram relies so heavily on this engaging format that it uses it as a gateway to e-commerce. Indeed, the social network allows influencers posting short videos in Reels, to add clickable links on displayed products so that viewers can buy them.

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