Google has long acted on behalf of companies and professionals who want to have more visibility on its search engine. But, the problem is that faced with Mali Email Lists services that sometimes change their name overnight (Google Places, which becomes Google Local for example), it is not always easy to navigate.

Has Google noticed this problem? The question arises because the American giant has just launched Google My Business , a service that interconnects its search engine, its social network (Google Plus) and its location service (Google Map) . Intended for businesses, this comprehensive tool enables them to better manage updates on each service and to act in synergy to improve referencing and centralize information.

One page to rule them all

On the Google site, My Business is defined as: The showcase of your business for those who are looking for you on the Internet (and to be) visible and attractive in Google search, and on Google Maps in particular.

Mali Email Lists

In a single dashboard, you can manage all services and update your contact details, news feed and events. This tool also brings together the various opinions published on the web about your products / services, as well as any responses you may have provided. If you wish, Google also allows you to offer a virtual tour of the interior of your offices or simply add some photos of your establishment. The goal is really to centralize your different pages on Google services in one place . Not only do you save time in terms of management, but your consumers and potential customers find their way more easily. On a single address, they have your contact details and your news, they can read and comment on Internet users’ opinions, as well as draw a route to get to you.

Where can I find the new dashboard?

The Google My Business dashboard has been officially integrated for several weeks, in the drop-down menu on the left, or on the “mosaic” icon at the top right, between the address of your page and the notifications. The main interest of this new tool is to allow companies to create a dynamic showcase of their activity , in a single page. This greatly facilitates the management of their image on the social network and offers the possibility of improving their referencing in the search engine. As for Internet users, they benefit from a single address where they can find all the useful information about your business.

Consequently, the cost of acquiring a contact via digital methods is 60% lower than via traditional techniques. Not taking the digital marketing train will force you to maintain costly prospecting and sales methods, little appreciated by users, and less and less effective. Reason N ° 5: because 81% of French companies that went bankrupt in 2013 were not on the internet. The shortcut is tempting even if it is a bit simplistic, we could not resist it. The simple fact of existing on the internet allows you to considerably expand your market and your audience. The proof: the vast majority of companies that filed for bankruptcy in 2013 had no digital presence.

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