Google Panda, the friend of content
The first version of Google Panda saw the light of day in February 2011 , only in the United States. This new algorithm was launched after too Norfolk Island Email List sites with low quality content were climbing to the first pages of the search engine. Tired of content farms , intended to generate only advertising revenue, without bringing anything concrete to the Internet user, Google has decided to crack down and hit hard on these unnecessary MFAs (Made For Adsense).

The Google Panda birth announcement was therefore sent to all these sites with bad content practices. 11.8% of requests were impacted by this new algorithm. Subsequently, 26 other versions were launched between February 2011 and mid-July 2013, making bloggers, companies and professionals aware of the importance of having a quality content strategy for their SEO. Even though content farms still exist, they no longer reign supreme on Google. Panda has clearly improved the user experience for Internet users.

A continuous algorithm

In early 2013, Matt Cutts announced that Google Panda would no longer be launched manually on specific dates, but integrated directly into updates to the algorithm. Clearly, Panda therefore runs continuously on the web, to penalize sites with low content. The arrival of a version 4.0 only means that the algorithm is strengthened to go even deeper into the sites and to be able to judge their relevance and quality more.

Norfolk Island Email List

Sites, so far spared by the various algorithms, have been severely penalized. The two most famous being Ask and Ebay . Proof that even very popular sites can take a panda bite. Attached are the lists of losers and winners, taken from the Searchmetrics site . 30,000 emails collected, that’s as many potential users for the service. The benefits: loyalty of subscribers, information on new features of the service and acquisition of feedback, of course. A very large audience share was acquired with public relations: press releases, participation in trade fairs and events dedicated to financial management.

Qualitative Content Marketing, the key to success

It is essential to take the measure of a content marketing strategy on your SEO. Of course, publishing quality content also plays a major role in your image , customer loyalty and lead acquisition . However, in the case of Google Panda, it is a pillar of your positioning in Google.

The more relevant your site will be, with high added value articles, the more you will be valued in the search engine. If you strictly adhere to the advice regularly given on this blog, then you have nothing to fear from Panda. As a reminder, a qualitative content strategy involves: In addition, do not deprive yourself of a constant presence on social networks . These platforms offer you the opportunity to make yourself known in your region and guarantee you quality backlinks. Use the Google Structured Data Markup Helper for your structured data. This will give you valuable information about your activity and your location to search engines. You will go back better on geolocated searches.

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