Google never rests on its laurels. People are just starting to understand how its algorithms work, and the company is already releasing new ones. But beware, make no mistake, each algorithm has a well-defined role. Unlike its predecessors, this algorithm will have the Mexico Phone Number List of favoring local referencing . That is, the search criteria will focus more on geographic regions. This thus increases your visibility with regard to keywords such as: “restaurant Paris”, “grocery store Nantes”, “photographer La Rochelle” or even “hotel Marseille”. This will particularly benefit local directories such as the yellow pages and sites like TripAdvisor, but also the websites of establishments located on Google Maps.

It should also be noted that “Pigeon” is not the official name of this algorithm and it is Search Engine Land which decided to baptize it thus. Even though this algorithm is real, Google has remained a mystery and has only leaked very little information on the subject. In order to find the formula that works, a few tests are always essential. You will have to test several objects to find out which one has the most impact on your buyers personas. To do this, divide your emailing file into 3 or 4 groups, each receiving an email with a different title. You will then analyze the group with the best open and click-through rate, to determine the most attractive item.

The criteria taken into account by Google Pigeon

The new algorithm aims to offer more relevant results in relation to the location of Internet users. It is therefore a safe bet that its implications are seen above all on mobile terminals .

To process the data, the algorithm will take several criteria into account. There will be the classic factors like the quality of the backlinks, the authority of the web domain and the quality of the content . But it will also add user reviews, the use of the keyword lexical field, the Google Knowledge Graph and of course, real-time localization.


Since the implementation of this algorithm in the United States, we have noticed that the sectors favored by Pigeon are: education, catering and hospitality. If this seems logical, it still lacks other areas of activity such as leisure complexes or convenience stores.

5 actions to prepare for the deployment of the new algorithm


The most important thing is therefore to boost its local presence . To help you prevent its installation in our European results, here are 5 actions to put in place now: 1. Creating a Google Plus Local page
A business page on Google Plus is equivalent to a virtual business card, provided the information is updated regularly. You will be able to group your coordinates there and thus be located on Google Maps. You will also gather all your useful information there (timetables, address, telephone number, menu, prices, etc.) and you will be able to collect the opinions of your customers .

2. Listing in local directories
Register in directories, but in the right ones! For your local SEO , bet on sites like the Yellow Pages, TripAdvisor or even Yelp. 3. Optimizing customer reviews
Precisely, as Google Pigeon seems to attach importance to consumer reviews, encourage your loyal customers, but also your relatives, to leave comments on your Google Plus page and on your listings in local directories. Obviously, the more positive opinions you have, the better you will be positioned in the SERPs .

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