Google released an update on French Email List on its efforts to provide support to businesses, healthcare workers, organizations as well as governments during the coronavirus pandemic. As part of its global commitment of more than $ 800 million, $ 340 million in advertising credits are intended for SMEs. In the coming months, Google said, eligible advertisers will see notifications about the ad credits available in their Google Ads accounts . Credits can be used throughout 2020 for ads across the Google ecosystem, including Search, Display, and YouTube, and for any type of campaign. To be eligible, SMEs will need to have active Google Ads accounts since January 1, 2019.

Google is also committing to provide $ 20 million in advertising grants to community financial institutions and NGOs for the realization of public service announcements on the funds and resources supporting small businesses. This will be done through the Google Ad Grants program . Additionally, the Mountain View firm said it was increasing advertising funding available to the World Health Organization and other government agencies to provide critical information on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19. from $ 25 million to $ 250 million. SMEs are particularly vulnerable during this crisis. Google says it hopes to alleviate some of the costs of staying in touch with their customers.

Advertising credits for SMEs

There are still several unknowns: how much does the typical business receive, how far does the ad credits extend, and will they arrive in time to make a difference? The credits are intended to support existing customers. Google has a long history of offering start-up credits to entice new advertisers to get started. Deliver dynamic ads (DPA) to users who have expressed an interest in specific products Advertise to people who have already visited your e-commerce, application, website or Facebook page Create similar audiences to target more qualified prospects. Twitter offers similar possibilities with Custom Audiences. You can upload your email list to Twitter and choose to include or exclude it from your campaign audience.


As with Google, the experts from our Social Ads agency recommend that you segment your contact lists in order to deliver the most relevant content to your audience. Make sure the content of your Social Ads ads also matches your email marketing; by coordinating messages across channels, customers have a 22% higher chance of converting than those who received only email messages. When you create campaigns to target your existing contacts through Google or social media, your audience already knows your brand. With this in mind, you don’t have to put your brand forward, but rather focus on your CTA or a special offer.

Additional help for announcements

Segment VIP audiences and give them exclusive and early access to sales across all channels. Give existing customers the opportunity to purchase new products or new collections before anyone else. Use ads to thank new customers for their recent purchase and offer them an additional offer to get a second conversion and thus engage them in the loyalty process. Use social media to reactivate dormant contacts, segmenting old buyers who haven’t bought back within the usual timeframe. Use these channels to cross-sell or up-sell products that could be complementary to what has been purchased in the past, or to promote top products that a customer does not yet own.

In general, (at Agence 90), we use remarketing for key product launches or during high commercial times: Many businesses have a large segment of unengaged contacts that they can no longer send email to. Social Ads remarketing ads are a great way to re-engage customers who have not been engaged with your brand for a while without breaking spam laws or introducing email deliverability risks. You can also segment your email list into two parts: customers and prospects. Prospects on your list should be contacts who have subscribed to your sales emails and have recently been interested in your content and site, but have not yet converted.

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