After putting free provision Colombia Email Address products to Google Shopping to help companies maintain their sales during the pandemic Covid-19, the Mountain View company also removes its commissions on purchases made and paid in the platform Google Shopping, via the “Buy on Google” button. “While retailers have several options for increasing their website traffic through free listings in Google Shopping or Shopping Ads , many also use the ‘Buy on Google’ button to give shoppers a convenient way to shop. something the very moment they find out. By eliminating our commissions, we reduce the cost of doing business and make direct selling on Google easier for merchants of all sizes ”.

To be clear, this offer only applies to businesses that participate in the “Buy on Google” payment experience through the Google Shopping Actions program. This offer is currently only available to certain businesses, and Google plans to invite other businesses to participate in the program in the coming months. If you had never joined Shopping Actions and decide to join the program (which allows you to get the “Buy on Google” button and allow your customers to buy and pay through the Google platform), you will be invited to participate directly in this new version of the program at 0% commission.

A major advantage over Amazon

If your store is already live on the platform, you will be prompted to migrate your account to the new version with 0% commission over the next few weeks. Upon migration, you will find a Terms of Service overview page in the Merchant Center, where you can accept the new terms to take advantage of the new 0% commission rate. In the meantime, from July 30, the commission rate will automatically be capped at 5% or less. This is an excellent way for Google to strengthen its presence in its product listings, through the “Buy on Google” button. Indeed, by removing commissions, more stores should join Google Shopping and purchases made through this marketplace may increase.


The combined measures of making Google Shopping and “Buy on Google” free for merchants will make the marketplace more accessible to more sellers than other marketplaces. The lack of commission is a big differentiator for Google Shopping compared to other marketplaces, notably Amazon , which charges fees generally ranging from 8 to 15% per item sold. Google is betting that more sellers, more products, and easier settlement, especially on smartphones, will make it a product search destination for more users. Integrations with third parties, including Shopify and Paypal (see below), will be of interest to sellers because they will give them more control over the management and data of their orders.

Paypal and Shopify as new payment options

Google shopping began as Google Shopping Actions in 2018. Items available for purchase on Google are indicated by a shopping cart icon. Items purchased under the program are covered by Google’s Money Back Guarantee in the event of a problem with an order. Google said it has seen a significant increase in demand to buy and support small businesses. Consequently, the Californian giant has decided to add a “small businesses” filter to the “Shopping” tab in order to facilitate the integration of small and medium-sized businesses. Google has refined its product purchasing options over the past few years. Indeed, the Californian giant has added a series of new tools and options for users to continue to search and discover products on its platform.

Google will now open its platform to more e-commerce players, starting with Shopify for inventory and order management and PayPal (and Shopify) for payment processing. E-merchants will thus have more means to list their products via Google Shopping listings . As most people start their search process on Google, it makes sense for the company to seek to maintain its grip on ecommerce-related queries. The elimination of commission fees will be rolled out in the United States, first, then in 2021 in all countries. Affiliate differs from other channels in that you have to think outside the box, seek support from less popular advertising platforms, and target new audiences to earn a decent income.

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