According to the American agency Bloomberg News , Google and Twitter have agreed to Hong Kong Phone Number List tweets accessible in search engine results . Obviously, this new partnership will impact the referencing of registered users on the micro-blogging platform. An overview of the prospects for this agreement will allow you to better understand the issues.

Focus on the partnership between Google and Twitter
Such a contract had already been discussed in 2009 and Google had already had the idea of ​​integrating tweets into the results of its search engine. However, the execution of this first agreement was halted in 2011, when Google Plus was launched . Indeed, the American giant having preferred that the posts of its own social network appear, rather than those published on its competitor to the blue bird. However, 2015 marks a new impetus for cooperation between these two web giants! Indeed, this new agreement will offer Google the possibility of directly indexing the data of Twitter users .

The challenges of the agreement signed between these two web giants

This partnership is of great interest to Twitter and its users. The major advantage is the fact of gaining visibility in search results on Google. Tweets can now be displayed in real time on Google. Thanks to the prominence of tweets, this social network will position itself in pole position. This will inevitably have a major impact on its SEO compared to other platforms . n addition, Twitter will also be able to benefit from the financial benefits linked to the use of its database in order to monetize its audience. t is also rumored that sponsored tweets can appear in the results . This opportunity will benefit advertisers and encourage those who hitherto hesitated to spend advertising budget on the platform, because of the visibility field restricted to Twitter users.


Openings on Lean Marketing:
Personally, as of this writing, lean marketing is one of my favorite trends. Like lean management , it is a process in which the sequences are constantly optimized to avoid losses, waste and lack of organization. We then enter into a logic of monitored, analyzed and improved marketing . These continuous improvement loops are now easy to set up with a high frequency where traditional marketing required several weeks or months to measure the real results of a campaign. Are you a marketer looking for savings? Think Lean! L’

The impact on brands and businesses

As said above, your messages posted on Twitter will appear in Google results. For example, it will be possible to see a tweet appear that creates the “buzz” directly on Google. Although the agreement does not provide information on the number of tweets that will be indexed, it is clear that this rate should increase and the visibility of users with it. According to Hubspot , currently, less than 8% of tweets are indexed: Percentage of tweets indexed We can therefore very well predict that a person looking for information on your industry could directly come across one of your tweets. Imagine the impact in terms of visibility and natural referencing!

If Twitter was already an indirect means of optimizing your digital presence and boosting your SEO , it will become a real lever for your positioning in search engines . You want to submit an idea, a subject, add your favorite trend in the comments! Thinking of soliciting to set up a campaign ? Do not hesitate to send us a little message ! So to answer our basic question, namely who between the journalist and the blogger is the most influential, it will certainly be necessary to look in more detail on the practices related to your industry. Remember then that you should not have preconceived ideas and that influential bloggers should not be underestimated.

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