By definition, a startup is a business whose intention is to grow rapidly . When it has Zimbabwe Email Lists its product or service and decides to offer it to the market, it has only one goal: growth or, in other words, an increase in the number of users. / customers. From this observation, all the decisions that will be taken will be aimed at this specific goal. This is the DNA of a startup.

The use of smartphones and tablets is ubiquitous in behavior today. Even if Internet traffic via these devices already represents 38% of global traffic according to We Are Social , the proportion continues to increase: traffic via mobile has increased by 39% since 2014 and that on tablets by 17%, where Internet use via a computer is down 17%. Proposing a mobile health offer is therefore critical in 2015. The 2015 Health Barometer can already give some ideas:

Not every new business is a startup

It would therefore not be enough for a company to be new to the market to be a startup. Your new local bakery isn’t a startup because it doesn’t have the goal of growing over and over again each month at breakneck figures. The goal of the baker is simply to generate a loyal customer base large enough to allow him to pay his bills and generate a good profit. Slowly but surely. If, overnight, half the city crowded in front of the bakery door to buy their pains au chocolat, the bakery could not match supply with demand and most customers would leave disappointed and empty-handed. A bakery is not “scalable”. On the other hand, a startup is. And, to grow quickly, it has 2 essential characteristics:

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A product / service that a lot of people want;
The ability to reach and serve all of these people.
It will be understood that a startup more easily designates a company present on the internet than a local business. On the web, it is technically possible to develop the volume of its activity exponentially while limiting the risks of exploding in mid-flight. This is why startups can afford the luxury of focusing only on growing their business, without worrying about the issues inherent in “traditional” businesses.

The growth hacking funnel

The reason why growth hacking is particularly suited to the world of startups is that it pursues the same goal. To come back to the definition of Sean Ellis that I mentioned in a previous article , the one and only goal of a growth hacker is to increase the number of users of a product or service. In fact, growth hacking offers a philosophy from which any startup will have the opportunity to develop.

But, before a startup can monetize its activities by generating regular users of its service, there are several preliminary steps to take. It will first be necessary to guide the latter through different stages, represented in the form of a funnel by Mattan Griffel (an expert in growth hacking) and called ” lean marketing funnel ” (hey, hey, another concept that is not ours. completely foreign ).

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