Growth Hacking refers to the set of marketing methods intended to rapidly increase the growth of the company . This strategy is based on innovative ideas Namibia Phone Number List at bringing Internet users into a purchasing tunnel, at the end of which they will become consumers. Among the different techniques that characterize Growth Hacking , there is one particularly popular, which is proven daily: the freemium offer .

Definition of freemium
A freemium offer is, as the name suggests, a free offer. In other words, the company offers customers to use part of its services for free. This specific offer exists above all in digital services, such as mobile applications, video games, online tools or computer software. The Internet user then has access to several functions, but not to the entire service. He must comply with an exchange, which is often a long-term constraint, in order to be able to use the service without paying. This may be the display of advertising, limited access to functions, the right to a limited number of requests or possible use over a certain period of time.

A booming business model

Several world famous companies use the freemium technique to increase their sales: Dropbox, Evernote, Trello, MailChimp, Hootsuite, Skype… You just have to connect to the AppStore or the Play Store to see thousands of applications that are available in freemium version . Video games are also increasingly using this model. It is not uncommon to have very good free games, but during which you will be encouraged to buy items or unlock levels by paying (Candy Crush means something to you?). This is a formidable Growth Hacking technique , as proven by a study carried out by the American firms App Annie and IDC , which reports an exponential growth of 211% in 2013 in revenues generated by this method.

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If he wants to be able to take full advantage of the service, he must then pay a one-off payment or a subscription. This is also the desired objective of freemium! The forms of engagement are diverse: comments, shares, opinions, retweet, like… But all are significant. However, this remains a difficult indicator to measure without specific equipment. You need to have powerful tools to really understand the impact of your publications on your community to measure your progress.

The effectiveness of freemium as a growth hacking method

Why is this method so effective, you ask yourself? It’s easy, everyone loves what’s free! This is nothing new. We’re all more than willing to download or install a service that we need if it’s free. This is the principle behind the freemium model .The company that offers its service freely attracts an extremely qualified prospect . When you go to the trouble of looking for an app or tool, you need it. Whether personally or professionally, it is a service that will allow you to make your daily life easier or to carry out a specific mission. The need therefore already exists.

To be able to hook the customer, the company which proposes a solution to this need must then present an offer which it cannot refuse. That is to say a free offer that will meet part of his needs, allow him to test the effectiveness of the tool and make him understand that it is a winner to opt for the paid solution, because the latter will help him increase his productivity tenfold for a small fee. The page statistics integrated with Facebook are very comprehensive and allow you to see the percentage of your audience that is interacting with you. You also have access to the organic reach of each post and you can get a ranking of the most popular posts.

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