Take advantage of your talent with cameras to create content that brings smiles. Produce a short video: The HubSpot blog points out that the optimal length of a video on social networks should be the following: Instagram (30 sec). Twitter (45 sec). Facebook (1 min). Brevity is key to keeping the user’s attention on the content. Introduce an influencer: An influencer is a person who stands out in a social network for expressing opinions on a specific topic and who exerts a great influence on many users. Your help is key so that the videos have greater diffusion and are viralized. Share original and valuable content: Creating videos that are informative.

Educational and entertaining is very important to connect with users. You can focus the content on current issues. as well as tips. recommendations. tutorials. etc.  Customer relationship management is a factor Saudi Arabia Phone Number that differentiates one company from another and is characteristic of organizations with high economic performance (Cabanelas. 2007). The challenge of having customers who are loyal and committed to the brand requires time. effort and strategies that help us build a bond that constitutes a key source of value for the creation of competitive advantages.

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What does a customer expect from a company? García. et.al (2018) points out the following behaviors: Adaptation: It is the ability that companies have to transform themselves in order to face the changes that occur in their environment. be they technological. political. economic. etc. Simplicity: Companies must identify the needs of their target audience and provide simple solutions in a context of crisis. global problems. tensions and a revolution in values. Coherence: The relationship with customers.

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The behavior of the company and the management of people must be consistent and have a clear connection with the culture. values. mission and vision of the organization. Risk: Consumers expect companies to bet on innovative ideas. that is. that their leaders take risks to offer different products and services that have value and a vision for the future. Differentiation: Customers look for brands that differentiate them from the rest. therefore. companies must highlight those characteristics of their products that allow them to stand out as unique and different from the competition.

Positioning And Engagement With Fans

Transparency: Users do not In conclusion, want “opaque” brands that hide. lie or deceive. Being transparent helps create a relationship of trust. increases. The profitability of the business and generates more loyal and engaged customers. Empathy: People want brands that understand them In conclusion, and know about their tastes. needs. hobbies and fears. They seek a positive experience by being listened to. respected and understood. Humanity: A client wants companies that have values ​​and are. Similar to the way of acting of the people who make them up.

They need brands that give In conclusion, the consumer an active role and that give importance to their opinions.  Have you ever thought of starting a business online? Digital businesses have become the boom of recent times. According to Campos et.al (2021). this type of business is an element of the. Business management strategy to increase the competitiveness of an organization. Likewise. it represents a business In conclusion, model that operates. Mainly on the internet and limits its physical activity in the market to a minimum.

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