As part of our marketing consulting services for companies in various sectors, we can only note the recurrence of certain requests. Faced with this observation, we will soon put in place a system to help them put Belgium Phone Number List an effective brief in order to solicit digital agencies , so as to obtain rapid results but also to maintain a long-term vision . We also realized that despite all the possible adjustments inherent to the sector of activity concerned, to the challenges and budgets represented, the tools put in place ultimately often had one thing in common : they call on the ” blog marketing” ” !

Traditional expectations of advertisers in digital marketing
When we are contacted by companies looking for solutions to improve their lead generation , their image, or their digital marketing in general , they have defined actions in mind: We are poorly referenced in search engines. Our website is not compatible with mobile devices
We must be present on social networks
We want to set up an e-commerce system
We want to send emails to our targets

Is “blog marketing” a fad or the manifestation of a deeper phenomenon?

When it comes to setting up a digital marketing strategy , the blog comes up so often as a central element that one can wonder. What is so special about it? Is this a new fashion? Not really. The content marketing is a real underlying trend , and the blog in its modern version is the perfect medium. What advantages can we lend to a blog in a digital marketing logic? Here is a brief overview :


The blog is an ideal vehicle for content marketing:
The content marketing is a new trend that is taking place in the marketing mix of companies . They produce and distribute content such as text, articles, infographics, videos … In a digital world, this production is becoming frequent and intensifying greatly . To regularly offer content, organize it over time and present it in an orderly manner to your readers or customers, the blog format then takes on its full meaning.

The “Blog Marketing” allows a remarkable SEO improvement:

If you regularly produce blog posts in your industry, you will eventually have a large number of pages on your site that will cover topics of interest to your readers and have keywords you want to rank for . In the eyes of search engines , your website will be a reliable source of information and will gradually rise in search results, in particular thanks to the external links (backlinks) that your quality content will have gained.

The blog provides material to intervene on social networks:
Producing and regularly posting content on a blog facilitates the animation of your social network accounts . Instead of just repeating or commenting on what others are saying, you can participate in the conversation by repeatedly making your contribution. Your interventions, statuses, tweets, posts can then resume links to your more in-depth blog content and thus help you put these channels at the service of generating traffic to your site .

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