MARK Alcohol is part of our culture and has contributed to the fabric of American society for hundreds of years. Today, the United States produces approximately 52 billion gallons of alcohol per yea. Which represents more than 15% of total beverage production, including non-alcoholic beverages. There is certainly money to be made in the alcoholic beverage industry, whether you own a bar, run a brewery, or run a vineyard. Distilled spirits alone saw a 5% increase in sales during 2019 compared to the previous year. And the 2020 pandemic didn’t slow that steady growth one bit. In fact, the nationwide shutdowns may have caused an increase in alcohol sales at liquor stores.

In terms of store sales, the biggest competitor to liquor companies is not other liquor companies, but cannabis retailers… So how can a spirits brand like yours retain customers and increase sales. When consumers are increasingly attracted to cannabis? Obviously. You can’t boast the kinds of cognitive benefits Australia phone number and other health claims that cannabis brands have been getting away with, but you can differentiate your brand by accentuating the experience of enjoying your liquor products. In other words, your marketing should be about “lifestyle,” “experience,” and “social culture.”

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But the presentation has to be unique and out of the box, waaay out of the ordinary. Investigate how your competitors, both alcohol and cannabis, are framing their brands. And come up with a brand image that goes totally against the grain. Your branding and advertising shouldn’t look like anyone else’s, period. To stand out, focus on “storytelling.” For both your ad campaigns and your actual product packaging design. Try to depict a vivid “story” that captures your brand’s lifestyle image. The goal here should be better styling and stronger stories.

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Most importantly, your packaging must match your advertising to present a unified and memorable brand. SUBSCRIPTIONS A smart marketing strategy that has been on the rise within the spirits industry is offering consumers paid subscription options.

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If you’re a liquor brand wholesaler or retailer, or own a liquor, wine and spirits store, you can trigger a surge in sales by offering your customers the opportunity to sign up for monthly subscription packages. Yes, this will involve developing an additional order fulfillment workflow that will also require a secure website platform to process payments and automate various aspects of your subscription cycles, including shipping operations, but the benefits will far outweigh the investment.

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