Do you struggle every day to keep your content production afloat? Rest Timor-Leste Email List , you are not alone! According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute , 64% of marketers find their biggest daily challenge to be consistently producing fresh, original content for their website.

To remedy this, there is a very effective technique, although it is often overlooked because many people equate it to duplicate content: content recycling . It consists of reusing content that has already been produced and transforming it into something new. In addition to being able to dig into old blog posts for inspiration, content recycling allows rapid production with minimal effort and adaptation to new formats, such as a Slideshare or an infographic.


What types of content are most used by businesses?

Do you see all the content recycling possibilities available to you? For example, you could compile several blog posts to make an Ebook, turn an article into an infographic, transcribe a video into an article, etc. There is no lack of opportunities, just seize them!

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The presence of your sales representatives on social networks
It is necessary to encourage your salespeople to have a corporate presence on social networks , to monitor and interact with potential customers. While the community manager will be able (and should) dialogue with your communities and identify prospects to pass on to the sales department, he cannot fully cover your market. Not to mention that many consumers prefer to address a person, rather than a brand account. Salespeople can thus have a Linkedin and Twitter profile to broadcast a watch, transmitted by the digital communication service, but also to attract qualified contacts, which they can then canvass .

Recycling content to fuel your marketing efforts

The content marketing can be considered as the engine of your digital strategy . It is indeed he who feeds and gives life to all the marketing actions that you will deploy. By recycling your content, you will more easily support your marketing efforts and get results faster. As a reminder:

Businesses that blog generate an average of 97% more inbound links than those that don’t blog; In B2B, 67% more leads are generated through blogging activities; Articles containing images get 94% more views and the figure goes up to 60% for press releases ; 42% of company executives made a decision on the basis of a video viewed on the net; Recycling your content is part of your content marketing strategy

It cannot be repeated enough: content marketing is an activity that can offer you a very interesting ROI, as long as you are fully involved in it and are patient. In fact, most people who fail in their content strategy are the ones who give up too soon, tired of not seeing visible results fast enough, or overwhelmed by the amount of work involved on a daily basis. In this case, content recycling seems like an ideal solution and will help you stay on course and achieve your goals.

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