The Inbound Marketing is a strategy to attract customers towards you, that you now know since you are a loyal reader Markentive! Having become very trendy and even essential for companies, this method proves its Thailand Phone Number List every day. However, for your Inbound Marketing strategy to be efficient and perfectly meet your objectives, it is essential to respect certain rules and to avoid mistakes that could jeopardize your success. Discover here 5 common mistakes that can sabotage your Inbound Marketing strategy!

Post information that is not current
If Internet users visit your site, it is because they are looking for specific information but also for news. As a result, the data must be updated regularly, thanks to an in-depth watch on subjects related to your company. Note also that the new publications aim to improve your SEO and your visibility in search engines. Current topics are generally more sought after by Internet users. While it is important to talk about your products and services, in order to better attract new customers, always make sure to subtly align them with market trends.

Direct Internet users to your home page

We have already mentioned several times the advantages of a presence on social networks: customer acquisition , SEO optimization, loyalty, strategic watch … However, many companies make the mistake of putting links to their home page exclusively, and thus promote the activity as a whole. They believe this allows a wider range of products / services to be offered to customers. However, this aspect completely forgets the qualification of the visitor , yet at the heart of Inbound Marketing.


Your publications must be targeted and diversified, in order to reach all segments of your clientele. Each article, tweet, or post should have a specific purpose , attract a specific type of customer, and trigger a unique action. Providing links to more specific pages in your blog or on other sites will also allow you to develop your SEO by balancing your backlinks profile (backlinks to your site).

Neglecting visual content

Visual content gives great added value to your site. Never forget this phrase from Confucius: ” A picture is worth a thousand words “. Choose visuals, photos, illustrations and videos that impress your visitors and keep them reading. Put aside the clichés which have already had their day and which are already so numerous on the web. Internet users are fond of creativity and innovation . Bet on authenticity and originality, you will see that this will have very good results on your rate and visit time, but also on your level of social media interaction.

Forget the importance of simplification
Whether as part of an e-commerce or an institutional site intended to promote your services, you must always be simple, precise and concise ! Forget the technical jargon that no one except other professionals understands. You are talking to customers, so use appropriate language and learn to popularize technical notions .

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