Today, more Egypt WhatsApp Number List of American adults use voice search on a daily basis. Yes, that means 40% of Americans do at least one voice search per day. This can only have a profound impact on SEO and how search engines are evolving their algorithms.Note : an aspect of voice that is still little used in France is the development of voice applications for your brand. Here, you are not in the vain expectation of perhaps never reaching Position 0 since you yourself develop your dialogue between your user and your brand. To do this, you will have to look at Google .

Actions , if you want to develop your application for the Google Assistant, and Alexa Skills , if you want to set up your application on the Amazon assistant.As explained in the paragraph above, 0 positions are rich search results that Google has selected and placed in a separate, dedicated space above all of your regular organic results. Position 0 generally provides a direct answer to a question asked by an Internet user. If you ask Google “how to apply a face mask”, you will get this type of result.SEO is increasingly focused on solving user problems and answering their questions . This trend is giving rise to a new term: AEO: Answer Engine Optimization .As a reminder, Position 0 is the result used by the Google Assistant to provide a voice response.

A unique response engine

If you are not familiar with Blockchain, you should know that it is one of the technologies that has been democratized the most in recent years through real application by companies. Of course, what made the term Blockchain known to the general public is a famous cryptocurrency whose foundations are based on this technology: Bitcoin.The Blockchain describes a set of interconnected blocks that store information and transmit it directly without a control body, in a transparent and completely secure manner . When a transaction takes place on the Blockchain, each block confirms whether the transaction is valid or invalid.


It is therefore impossible to make invalid or false payment.What is interesting about the integration of Blockchain on the web is the absence of fraud. With the implementation of this technology, there will be no more fear of fraudulent advertisements, fraudulent websites or other forms of spam that deceive Internet users over and over again every day.This degree of security makes the Blockchain the major future trend in paid search and SEA . It will also be useful for users who will no longer have to worry about their personal data being stolen by websites. Blockchain will also help eradicate click fraud as it will make every click visible to both the site owner and the advertiser. Thanks to the transparency offered by the blockchain neither party can try to fool the other about the number of clicks.

The arrival of VR and Augmented Reality

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for several years, you’ve noticed the rise in the use of virtual and augmented reality. So far, these two technologies have proven to be innovative marketing tools. For example, you can now check what a lamp will look like in your room in place virtually in your room and thus define if you will buy it in store. All you need for this is a simple augmented reality app on your smartphone.Augmented reality and virtual reality aren’t meant to entirely change the way we search

But they are sure to revolutionize the way search results are displayed and the way you communicate with your customers. A while back, these two trends were part of an infographic about the SERPs of tomorrow .On May 10, 2019, Google announced the arrival of augmented reality in its organic search results offering the ability to view objects in 3D and place them in real space.augmented reality serp google sharkVisual searches allow your users to find things they have trouble verbalizing.The visual search is perfect for many businesses, imagine this: you saw a dress that you really like and was a celebrity on the Internet. You just need to take a photo with the Google Lens app which will find a selection of similar items. Following this you will choose to buy .

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