On the occasion of the Internet day that is celebrated every May 17, we are going to talk about its history and evolution until it is what it is today, an information and leisure tool without which our lives would not be the same. The Internet is the origin of all our work at Rana Negra, what less than celebrating your day by giving it the importance it deserves! Brief history and evolution of the Internet We consider that everything begins with Tim Berners-Lee, father of the web, since he and his group created HTML , the HTTP protocol and URLS.

It also developed the first web browser in 1990, called WorldWideWeb. With these ingredients, in 1991 the first web page was born , which, as you can see, only contained text. A couple of years later, the first web design was born , with the Mosaic Cayman islands whatsapp number list browser, although Internet connections in the 90s were so slow that web design was very limited, prioritizing fast data transfer, over of aesthetics (we are not even talking about usability yet, obviously). The websites were made up of text, some colors, no animations or videos.

Brief History And Evolution

With the arrival of HTML2, advances were in web design, allowing the introduction of icons, background images, banners, menus, lists and buttons. Animations came with HTML3 and the fledgling CSS style sheets . In fact, with the evolution of CSS that allowed content and design to work separately, it is when we can start talking about the importance of usability and user experience.


Web usability experts Today, where not only web design , usability and user experience are important. But a good SEO positioning and a good digital marketing strategy are essential for a web page of any type. Sector to be competitive. , we have the latest tools in web languages ​​and technologies: PHP7, Symfony. Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, MySQL, JQuery, Ajax, Angular, etc, etc, etc.

Importance Of Web Positioning

Regarding the importance of web positioning , it is obvious, more and more businesses have web pages. With or without online sales. With more or less functions for the user. But rare is the business that does not even have a corporate website. With the The mere objective of informing your potential audience about your products or services. Among so much competition, standing out and appearing in the first search results is becoming more and more important. And Google doesn’t make it easy with its continuous algorithm changes! If you want to know a little more about it, we leave you the trends in web positioning 2019 .

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