The suppliers of articles and supplies must be convinced. At the time of making a transaction with us. the same thing happens with financial entities. We must show security before them so that they grant us working. Capital credits or for investments in real estate. machinery or teams. He explained. In the same way. according to the specialist. Customers have to perceive the degree of responsibility on the part of the company. This means that businesses must work with good quality items and. in this pandemic period. implement all biosafety protocols in the establishment.

with the aim of entering shopping centers with complete confidence. “When we talk about branding we refer to the uninterrupted work that is done in brand Cameroon Phone Number management. and that will give us identity in the business world. To achieve this. all collaborators. at different hierarchical levels. must carry out their activities in accordance with the mission. vision. objectives and values ​​described in the strategic plan”. said the expert. Likewise. Alvítez Monteza added that branding is designed for large corporations.

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transnationals. micro. small and medium-sized companies. All organizations must implement it as a strategy and make the most of it to retain people. What objectives does branding have? The main ones include contributing to the positioning of the organization. Considering the projection that is established. Which can be in the region. the country or abroad. “The greater the scope. the more investment. For this. it must transmit admiration. Affection. respect and personality”. He concluded but also about maintaining a positive image in front of stakeholders or interested parties. “Likewise. It is key that companies use tools that allow them to control processes. And make timely decisions with real information.

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The hotel and tourism sector has been one of the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. This is a reality that we all know and that. according to the Ministry of Foreign. Trade and Tourism (Mincetur). Internal tourism fell to 42% In short. The pandemic affected hotels. Tour operators and many companies in this area. In one of the seminars of the National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur). The president of the Society of Hotels of Peru. José Koechlin.

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highlighted the importance of implementing good practices in social problems and infrastructure. Handling of big data and innovative instruments of marketing. Likewise. He pointed out that it is necessary to continue promoting. Peru as a safe destination and create new strategies to attract receptive tourism. A similar situation is experienced by the gastronomic sector. According to García (2021). since March 2020. But what does this creation consist of? It is not just about creating a logo. posting on social networks or placing a poster on the wall.

due to the health flexibility measures of the Francisco Sagasti government. A similar position is that of the former minister of production. José Chicoma. who explained that the gastronomic sector would. Increase its turnover by 48% in relation to 2020. in other words. He foresees that. if the food establishments continue to function as they have been up to now. The reactivation of the hotel and gastronomy sector is underway and. For everything to go from strength to strength. it is important to. Have unique and innovative strategies that attract more users.

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