Following Ali’s 28.3 billion investment in Suning, there are rumors that Wanda will marry Suning. Just yesterday, the news was confirm, and Suning and Wanda officially sign a strategic cooperation agreement. Indonesia Phone Number According to the agreement, Suning Cloud Store will be station in the existing Wanda Plaza, and Wanda will also provide Suning with the development and customization of property resources. As soon as the news came out, the theories such as “China’s largest commercial real estate developer and Indonesia Phone Number China’s largest retailer have join forces” and “open the industrial chain of ‘Internet + retail + real estate'” occupied most of the media’s pages. However, is this really the case? Morning Chicken Soup You’ve always want to be brave and true, so now take a deep breath, and begin your great adventure with violent loneliness.

Store Will Be Station Indonesia Phone Number in

Morning News Picks Private recommendation! A collection of high-quality design resources dry goods that must be collect in September] The dry goods collection of the design circle in September is here, Indonesia Phone Number including front-end development, design artifacts, design materials (fonts, PSD, etc.), as well as a large wave of practical cool station recommendations, all select Dry goods , come and collect it! Morning Post Content 1. [Suning holding hands with Wanda is just Zhang Jindong pulling Wang Jianlin to “show muscles”] Following Ali’s 28.3 billion investment in Suning, Indonesia Phone Number Suning and Wanda also sign a strategic cooperation agreement. The cooperation between Suning and Wanda this time does not involve the capital level. The business cooperation does not tie the interests of shareholders like “blood is thicker than water”.

Wanda Also Sign a Strategic Indonesia Phone Number

Indonesia Phone Number
Indonesia Phone Number

To put it bluntly, it is just a business partner. Secondly, in this cooperation, Suning has become Wanda’s major tenant in essence. And Wang Jianlin has Indonesia Phone Numbers become Zhang Jindong’s “charter.” 2. [YouTube will open advertising data to customers] Customers who advertise on YouTube have been worriy about whether the advertisement is effective. Because they have not been clear about the proportion and position of the advertisement on the web page. Indonesia Phone Number Under pressure from multiple parties, YouTube plans to allow third-party certifiers to obtain data on ad views on the site, that is, where on the site and in what context, starting by the end of this year.

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