To examine big data, it is best to examine the technical, commercial. And social dimensions behind big data at the same time. Bulgaria phone numbers From the perspective of development maturity. The technical dimension has gone the farthest. The commercial dimension has developed but is not fully mature, and the social dimension has developed the worst. Therefore, although we have talked about big data for a long time, Bulgaria phone number except for several fields such as search that gave birth to big data itself, other fields have not obtained visible benefits from big data.

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This article attempts to mine the characteristics of big data itself and make predictions about future development trends. Depth and breadth in big data If big data corresponds to massive data, Bulgaria phone number then it is a very vague concept, which is equivalent to becoming a synonym of information. Obviously, it is difficult to answer the question of what information can do. At this time, in order to advance thinking, it is usually necessary to classify first. If you take time and space as the most basic perspective, the first thing Bulgaria phone number to distinguish is the depth and breadth of big data. From a temporal perspective.

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The former can be regarded as a kind of depth, and the latter can be regarded as a kind of breadth. Different scenes have Bulgaria phone numbers different emphasis on depth and breadth. For some vertical industries, such as medical care, the depth of big data is more important.  For society, breadth is more important in many cases. We only have information about a certain scene, but when this information is Bulgaria phone number large enough and the scope is wide enough, it is possible to describe a relatively timely overall picture. The often cited example of Google predicting infectious diseases relies on this breadth.

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