Every year, hundreds of thousands of startups try their luck in the market. Unfortunately, around 75% of them will fail . Although the causes of failure of a South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Email Lists or web application can be multiple (underestimating the competition, lack of research, too much / not enough risk taking, etc.), one of the main reasons: not having succeeded in making your customers understand how you are different and better than dozens of other companies that offer services similar to yours .

The customer is king, show them that your offer meets their needs
Don’t be fooled. The only thing a customer cares about today is themselves . He is looking for a company that will solve his problems and make his life easier. And he is absolutely right! It is also your job as an entrepreneur to make him understand that the product or service you have developed corresponds perfectly to his expectations. To do this, it is important that you develop a clear and concise message that will say to him: “this is the reason why you need us ”. We call this message the value proposition .

Value proposition = « what’s in it for me ? »

Clearly, a value proposition is a message that expresses the benefits that a consumer will derive from using a given product / service and that differentiates them from the rest of the market . It is neither more nor less than your competitive advantage, that little extra that will allow your potential client to say to themselves: “ whaouw, this is exactly what I needed! “. You will therefore easily understand that the value proposition is a cornerstone of an effective website that converts. This is what will grab your customer’s attention and determine their intention to be interested in you. If this does not correspond to what he is looking for, he will simply go and find what he is looking for elsewhere. Your message must therefore be simple, clear and transparent on all the pages of your website and through your customer experience.

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Be careful, this advice should be used in a relevant and judicious way, at the risk of losing all credibility. Don’t fall into the easy trap of positioning yourself by opposing every opportunity just to draw attention to yourself. But, if the opportunity presents itself and you have a relevant opinion that goes against the mainstream, feel free to speak up and argue your way of seeing things. It’s a great way to shine the spotlight on you and show off your expertise , especially to influencers who are sure to notice your relevance.

How to create an effective value proposition?

A value proposition that works is concise and ” to the point”. For the client, it answers the question “what is this site for me?” “. Typically, it is made up of: With a short and punchy title that underlines the major benefit of the product / service, the unmistakable argument that will convince all your potential customers;
Sometimes a subtitle going a little deeper into the details of the offer (What is it? Who is it for? Why is it effective?); Of 3 key elements constituting the offer , listed as bullets points, for example the price (the cheapest), ease (get what you want in 3 clicks) and quality (best in class); A strong visual serving to reinforce the central message.

Unbounce , the landing page creation platform, is therefore the perfect example of a unique value proposition, offering a unique and terribly effective promise: the ability for anyone to create, publish and test their landing pages. without technical knowledge. Many people use social media only as a springboard to disseminate their content to their community. Once the article is published, they are quick to promote it through Twitter, Facebook, G + and LinkedIn , and then they will move on. Rather than showing your content just once on your social media platforms , don’t hesitate to do it several times in order to generate more engagement . To illustrate this idea, Rand uses an extremely simple visual from the Kissmetric site and which represents a sort of content publication calendar for Twitter, Facebook, G + and Tumblr.

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