The questions we regularly ask our customers and prospects are a great source of inspiration for writing our articles on our marketing blog. We have already asked about a variety of topics related to the Inbound Marketing , ranging from the development of the digital strategy for Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List outcomes, through the tools of choice. But the question that keeps coming up and that seems to haunt the minds of marketing managers and business leaders is this: ” How long does it take to achieve meaningful results ? How to assess ROI?of these actions straddling several fiscal periods? ”

A question that could not be simpler, to which there is however no ready-made answer. At the risk of appearing to want to kick in touch, I think the most relevant answer to give is ” it depends “. What, you will tell me? Mainly of the following 3 questions: On twitter, the title of a tweet must be concise and give the heart of the added value of your post in 140 characters maximum.

On Facebook , give more details on what your readers will find in the content, on Linkedin present the business usefulness of your content, on Pinterest post your own photos taken with care and not royalty-free images that no one is interested in. on a network of images. Each social network is different and if you post exactly the same thing on all your accounts, Internet users will have no interest in following on your different accounts. To reach your target as well as possible on social networks, it is once again very important to know your buyer personas perfectly. and their habits.

What are your marketing goals?

Inbound marketing is a global process which can be the solution to various problems that companies encounter (it is also one of the great strengths of this methodology). Depending on your needs and goals, the results may take more or less time to show:

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You want to increase your visibility and your traffic
Depending on the initial traffic volume of your website and the results you want to achieve, you can expect from our experience to see your traffic increase by 3 or 4 times within 6 months . In this case, the most decisive variable is how often you will produce content. Indeed, according to a study by Hubspot , companies which post in their professional blog at least 15 times per month receive on average 5 times more traffic than those which blog only once or twice per month.

You want to boost your lead generation
Obtaining leads is intrinsically linked to inbound traffic to your website. The methodology of Inbound Marketing is generally represented by a funnel process, implying that the more traffic you have on your site, the more qualified leads you will get . So it makes sense to expect to see a significant change in the number of leads after a period of a few months as well, it all depends on the success of your ability to attract qualified traffic to your website through the content you produce. Keep in mind that, if your content strategy is very high quality , sometimes it only takes one relevant article to gain multiple leads …

How much time can you devote to it?

As explained above, the persistence of the efforts made have a considerable impact on the results. And that’s the beauty of inbound marketing: if you want faster results, you just need to be more consistent . For example if you have started to feed your professional blog twice a week and want faster results, increase the pace to 3 or 4 weekly posts and you will see an improvement in your traffic curve in a very short time. The same goes for your Lead Generation : consider increasing your landing pages and downloadable offers to improve your results. Yes of course, it takes time, but the game is really worth the effort …

Yes, you can implement an inbound marketing strategy on your own. You just need to set up the necessary foundations (a professional blog , a presence on social media , several landing pages , Ebooks and white papers , a Google Analytics account, etc.) and use them as part of a studied methodology. Simple? Not really …

Let’s be honest for a moment: not everyone can become an expert in inbound marketing . If you don’t have the skills, you won’t get very far, even if you put a lot of time and energy into it. I am thinking in particular of content production, which is a profession in its own right and requires work and experience to be properly mastered. In this case, it is better to go through a specialized agency who will give you the benefit of its experience in various fields (content writing, web development, SEO, Social Media strategy, Analytics, etc.).


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