This means that you must tell google where the pages of your site are and what the urls are. 2. Search traffic in webmaster tools or search console one thing is that the pages are indexed and another is the keywords associated with each page. A page can have multiple keywords indexed. Here we will have a very useful overview to discover what are the keywords that google has indexed, and by which readers will be able to find our content.

We can also check how many searches we are appearing in, based on the keywords we define. Additionally we can determine the number of organic clicks, impressions and ctr ( click through rate ) you achieved. As we mentioned, it is essential to learn how to manage the search console . Here we will have query filters to Paraguay phone number review and verify how the displayed data is behaving and improve our seo metrics . 3. The ranking of keywords when you work with a good seo strategy , you must know if the keywords that we are using generate traffic to our website.

It Is Essential That We Analyze

It is essential to do a good keyword analysis , since the quality of the traffic you will receive will depend on this. In the process of evaluating seo metrics, this is perhaps the most important of all. The keywords with which you create your content will be key to the quality of the users you will receive. As an example, if you decide to create “shoe” content and what you sell are “winter shoes”, the quality of the users you will receive will be infinitely lower than what you expect.

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This process is perhaps the most complex when defining your content marketing strategy . There are several tools such as ahrefs, pro rank, semrush or serpfox that allow you to analyze each keyword in relation to the url of the website. In this way we will know if they have good positioning, search volume and level of difficulty in indexing. 4. The number of visits thanks to google analytics and the search console we will have access to a series of valuable data for our content strategy . We will know the visits, the number of users, the number of pages per entry, the time spent, the users who enter frequently and the bounce rate of the organic visits that we achieve.

The Average Time in Each Url

At this point it is useful to browse through google analytics and classify organic traffic (non-paid traffic) from total traffic. In this way we will see how organic searches are behaving and their level of effectiveness based on the quality of the traffic received. 5. Dwell time it is a fact that search engines love sites that provide the user with quality content and entertainment. That means that the residence time is a relevant index in web positioning . Our mission is that this value increases and this is achieved by generating quality content. You need to think about how to design user experiences that allow visitors to flow through the entire website through related information. Place good calls to action , suggestive copy, among other tactics.

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