The poster-style marketing has been on the Moments for over half a year. And last night it finally change a new pattern: a title “Wu Yifan is about to enlist in the army? “H5, quickly Argentina Phone Number captured the circle of friends with a prairie fire, and reach a climax this morning. This also turn the H5 salt fish, which had been regard as a “marketing chicken rib,” before, and its value skyrocket overnight. The full name of H5 is Html5, which is another voice that programmers use to help Argentina Phone Number machines express and communicate. H5 is not always unknown. The Nervous Cat, which has been popular for a while, is the monster create by H5, but it is present as a game, which is more interactive and easier to spread.

Its Value Skyrocket Overnight Argentina Phone Number

According to Nan Qidao, the author of Huxiu, to refute the rumor: The marketing creativity and design and production are all from the Tencent Interactive Entertainment Creative Argentina Phone Number Support Group, and the blue cursor is only the executive party. Compare with Neural Cat, the H5 page display by pure information this time is more difficult to spread. After countless companies have work hard to test the Argentina Phone Number waters of N H5 marketing, why is this H5 only popular today? 1. The circle of friends loves the new and hates the old Playing marketing, the most taboo is unswerving, and the most respect is the new and the old.

Compared With Neural Cat Argentina Phone Number

Argentina Phone Number
Argentina Phone Number

There are few new things under the sun. There are no marketing dogs with big enough brains, only the “circle of friends” with enough taste. 2. Put on the cloak of entertainment news There is a Argentina Phone Number swearing term in the marketing. World without the swearing: Party A mentality. Translat into adult words, it is arrogant, ignorant of users, and self-righteous. As a result, we can see that a good corporate press release has been change into a long-live big-character poster. And a good product evaluation has Argentina Phone Number been destroye into a product manual. Therefore, although countless companies have been promoting H5 one after another. Most of them are curse as “stillborn” by the word “Party A mentality”.

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