Do you remember your life before the explosion of the high speed internet? No? However, the era of the great digital transformation is not that long ago… Remember, in a world where Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Skype and Falkland Islands and Malvinas Email List did not yet exist: The acceleration of new technologies and the advent of digital have drastically changed our professional and personal lives, often for the better. We now have unlimited access to information at our fingertips, we can connect with strangers living on the other side of the planet, we have a better understanding of the world around us, we can explore and discover new things. new interests, etc.

Your photos and videos : with Twitter you can easily distribute media and allow Internet users to find them quickly via your profile. Your favorites : when a tweet calls out to you and deserves to be put aside, you can click on the little star and it will be stored directly in your favorites. Please note, these can be viewed by everyone. Your tweets and conversations : obviously, everyone will be able to have access to your tweets, but also to the replies you make in public. So you have to be careful with what you post and how you address those who talk to you.

The great paradox of the 21st century

But these technological advances, which are the very essence of human nature, have also profoundly changed the way we communicate with one another . The digital transformation has brought us a lot of tools and applications (free or at a ridiculous price) that allow us to stay in touch at all times. But, on the other hand, our human relations have at the same time deteriorated significantly .

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To illustrate my point, I would like to take as an example: the smartphone, an object that has revolutionized our lives in recent years, has taken control of our daily life. Your profile reflects your business and can give a lot of information to the user in seconds. If you optimize it perfectly, with a professional design and enough information to encourage the Internet user to know you better, you will inevitably increase your number of subscribers, as well as your audience. But having a well-constructed profile is not enough, the good use of Twitter goes through other good practices defined in the infographic above.

More than a phone, our smartphone is an extension of ourselves

In an interview with the Voice of America site, the associate editor of the famous Rolling Stone magazine declared that “ smartphones are ruining concerts ”. It was indeed during a performance of Leonard Cohen which he attended from the first row that he realized that, behind him, everyone had unsheathed their smartphone to film the artist and had their eyes riveted on them. screens. “We were having one of the most beautiful concerts of one of the greatest active musicians, and no one was really watching him, everyone was absorbed by their smartphone, more concerned with the Facebook status or the tweet to be sent only by the show itself ”.

If I have an experience but don’t tweet it, did it really exist? The most incredible thing about this phenomenon is that it overwhelmed us like a tidal wave in just a few years. It becomes almost scary to see how quickly we embrace new technologies and make them a staple of our daily lives. Who knows what we’ll find when a new photo is taken under the same circumstances and in the same location 10 years from now?

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