As we have already mentioned many times here, in terms of Inbound Marketing, the sinews of war consists in producing quality content , that your prospects will appreciate and which will know how to put you Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List during their “digital prospecting”. One of the keys to your success will be your ability to regularly produce high added value editorial elements. This regular production will be your best weapon to attract new visitors and make them land sooner or later at home, that is to say, on your site, on your blog, on your mobile application, or on your various social emanations ( Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, etc.)

A daily challenge
However, the regular production of quality content is a real daily challenge for companies that embark on an inbound marketing strategy. It’s an arduous task that requires ideas, research and a lot of time … It is not always easy to have a great story to tell, a good practice to share or a polished infographic to publish on your website every day. site! Whether you are an experienced blogger or a beginner, the angst of the blank page is never far away. A good way to never remain “glued to your word processor” and to overcome this obstacle, consists, in our opinion, in never losing sight of the problems of its customers .

Your customers are asking questions: so much the better!

Because, dear reader, if I do not know anything about you, your market, or your sector of activity and even less about your customers, there is one thing of which I am certain: your customers are asking questions! And often a lot of questions! The one who has never answered a question in a sales interview, has never sold anything… All good sales training manuals hammer it home: the one who sells is the one who passes the sales questions and objections phase successfully. . However, you now have a simple way to reduce this phase to its bare minimum: the content! Because the problems your customers encounter are an endless source of articles, white papers, infographics, and FAQs, which can effectively fuel your “content machine”.

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If they decide to leave their personal email address with you, the last thing your visitors want is for you to sell it to some obscure business that will use it for commercial purposes. Reassure them by promising them never to use their personal data to spam them and that it will remain secure at all times. Also, don’t forget to offer an easy way to unsubscribe on each of your emails (it’s the law!) .

A real commercial benefit

And this last step is above all commercial. Thanks to your “digital demining” approach, you provide your sales representatives with very qualified contacts who already have a good part of the answers to the questions they are asking! They will save precious time and be, believe it, very grateful to you. What is more, this knowledge basethat you will have produced will be a valuable reinforcement for their customers. Because it must also be recognized, in many cases, your inbound contacts will not necessarily have had time to consult all of your articles before entering into a relationship with one of your salespeople. This will then simply take care of telling them the Internet addresses where they can find the answers to their questions. The impact will then be decisive: the trust capital produced will be much greater than that generated by the simple response of a seller among the sellers. Your prospect will take an official response there since it is written “hard” on your site. You will have created the start of a real dialogue with your future client.

In short, such an approach, if it requires energy, time and perseverance, can quickly prove to be very fruitful. It allows you to never be short of ideas, to pinpoint your problems, to better solve them, to save time for your salespeople and – in the end – to sell more and faster!

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