In order to get more dry goods, the idea of ​​my writing will be a bit special. Instead of directly talking about how big data is done, I will jump out and talk about which three points can Sweden Phone Number be better apply in the direction of artificial intelligence robots. data. And then make this thing happen. Everyone is familiar with these movies. You can experience each picture carefully. It is a kind of emotion and emotion. These movies represent human’s expectations, hopes. And even worries about artificial intelligence. Personally, I understand Sweden Phone Number that this world is the embodiment of human thoughts.  So in the long run, 80% of the content in these movies will become reality. But in the short term, there are still some bottlenecks in terms of technology and products. So I think artificial intelligence robots should be discusse with caution.

Even Worries About Artificial Sweden Phone Number

Just like when a fruit is not fully ripe, we want to pick it, or have too high expectations, it will be more Sweden Phone Number dangerous. For example, if a child communicates with it, if one day the robot says a dirty word, the child will learn it immediately, and it is very unacceptable when the parents come back at night. As for this direction, it is a Sweden Phone Number long-term thing, and it is so difficult, but there are still many practitioners doing it. Simply put, there are two categories: One is the robot carrier, whether it is a physical robot or a virtual robot; One is the artificial intelligence brain in the cloud, which is an intelligent system and service.

There Are Still Many Practitioners Sweden Phone Number

Sweden Phone Number
Sweden Phone Number

In terms of level and form, it can be divide into. The first layer is the operation layer, which means Sweden Phone Number that the robot walks back and forth. Or carries tea and pours water. The second is the perception layer, which senses the temperature around you and even recognizes your emotions. The third level is the cognitive layer, that is, when the data is obtained, it will analyze, filter, and make decisions. We call these steps Sweden Phone Number cognitive computing. The knowledge output after cognitive computing will be display at the operation layer, and it will have some actions or language expressions. The positioning of Turing Robot is: a cloud-based artificial intelligence robot brain, which is based on the robot brain.

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