These different settings can be Cuba Email List either at the account level or at the campaign level, it all depends on how you have configured them. While it’s easy to overlook, they can have a big impact on the performance of your Google Ads campaigns. If the goal of your campaigns is to generate sales, then you can adjust bids to where you see the most conversions. For example, if you find that most of your conversions are from women between the ages of 18 and 24, you might want to adjust your bids on women and that age range so that your ads can show priority to users who are the most recent.

The experts at our Google Ads agency give you some tips to help you identify and eliminate unnecessary spending from your Google Ads campaigns. more likely to convert. Do not hesitate to do the opposite exercise as well, namely: Lower the bids where you see fewer conversions. Another easy way to optimize your Google Ads budget is to remove all the keywords that consume a large chunk of your budget but don’t convert. To be able to correctly filter these poorly performing keywords, take a fairly large period (Ex: The last 60 or 90 days), apply a filter on the keywords that have never converted,

Eliminate  low performing keywords

you can remove them from your campaigns. You will thus be able to reinject this budget on more strategic keywords. Setting up automatic scripts in your Google Ads account will also help you avoid wasting your budget. You can use scripts for example to escalate negative keyword conflicts, disapproved ads, errors in landing pages, keywords without impression etc. It’s a good way to keep tabs on certain optimizations without having to do a manual audit! Monitoring and analyzing the results of a campaign is a common point in all marketing strategies. This consists of monitoring the performance of marketing operations using performance indicators ( KPIs ) and analyzing the results obtained at the end of the campaign.


The objective of this step is to identify the weaknesses of the direct marketing strategy in order to correct them . The results obtained are compared with the expected results; in this way, we have the view on the objectives achieved or not. Such as the number of appointments made, the number of sales made, or the number of responses obtained, etc. These results will also be used to determine the cost of retaining a customer and the cost of acquiring a new customer . They will help measure the return on investment of the campaign. Unlike inbound marketing and permission marketing which aims to bring the customer to you, direct marketing consists of going directly to the customer to make an offer . He is present in both BtoB marketing and BtoC marketing .

Set up Scripts

In addition to determining the optimum implantation sites to set up stores, geomarketing is also used to determine the products that are most suitable for a geographical space to meet the needs of the inhabitants . With the right location and the right products, it will then be used to determine the right commercial actions for customers in the area studied. Geomarketing is a powerful tool used to improve prospecting . Understanding the behavior of individuals that it promotes is ideal for analyzing the geographic distribution of high potential customers and for locating potential customer pools . The results of these studies are then used to prospect for the targets most likely to respond favorably to the various offers of the company.

Geomarketing puts all the information at your disposal to establish the profile of customers and prospects present in your catchment area. It thus offers the means to determine with precision the most suitable means of communication to achieve the company’s marketing objectives . You will be able to determine the types of advertising campaigns to run ( email marketing , Pop-up, social media advertising , SMS, etc.) to send your message to customers based on where they live. You will also be able to optimize your advertising investments by exploiting your knowledge of the particularities of local populations. The advertising message will be adapted both in terms of its form and its content to correspond to its target. This is often used in direct marketing to carry out BtoB or BtoC prospecting .

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