In the most complex cases, smart content adapts based on what it . Knows hence smart about the person on the receiving end. Or should I say Real Estate Photo EditingAbel and Robert rose in a recent. Videotaped conversation initiated by sean.Schroeder, head of blue river interactive group problem solving in. Sean is having this conversation because. Scott and Robert took apparently contradictory positions on the subject.Of personas during their keynote speeches at the smart.Content conference in march. Below is a summary of that. The conversation explores and affirms each point of view. And gives content professionals a sense of when to use. Personas Real Estate Photo Editing it? Scott advises content professionals to ask. “How do we localize content based on language and units of measure. Maybe where the person is and what that person likes?” next, he says, “Identify the difference between people in a role group difference.”

Real Estate Photo Editing That’s Sometimes the Requirement.

How do Scott and Robert’s views seem to contradict each other? Scott encourages people to stay away from character-specific descriptions of people. Real Estate Photo Editing Personas are often created to enable content creators to perform their jobs. But they don’t provide the personalization that would be possible .”If we had taken a different approach” and targeted individuals, he said. “I have strong views on the move to personalized content,” he said. Robert argues that there is a place for “Personalized” content. He describes it in this way: “It’s relevant. It’s for me Real Estate Photo Editing that affects me. But I want to share it with my friends, family, etc. Thing.” in other words, personalized content is tailored not to . Individuals but groups that have something in common. In Robert’s view, that’s sometimes the requirement.

Real Estate Photo Editing Two Views Opposed to Each Other?

Are the two views opposed to each other? “I don’t think we disagree,” says . Robert, calls for the use of the marketing channel metaphor. Which represents the gradual Real Estate Photo Editing transition from non-customers too. Customers through a series of narrowing stages. In robert’s view, addressing roles makes sense for most of the funnel. As the shopping experience becomes more intimate. And offer them the most meaningful product. “We’re talking about spectrum here.You want to provide more and more correlation.” scott pointed to the risks of overemphasizing Real Estate Photo EditingReal Estate Photo Editing personas. He says personas work well when you want to.Explain things in a way that fits the “Lowest common . Denominator” in a population. “But when you want to force.People to do something, the content needs” that personal touch, he said. ”


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