Content marketing is at the heart of your Inbound Marketing strategy. It has a strong impact on your SEO, as well as on the Mayotte Email List of your e-reputation and your domain authority. The content is an asset for the conversion of your visitors, as well as obtaining a better place in the search engines. But for it to be truly effective, it must be subject to a full analysis on a regular basis to highlight good and bad practices.

When you are done with this step, go to this page to disavow links . You can upload your low quality backlinks file there and Google will take care of the rest. You will not find your place instantly, you have to wait for Google to trust you again. However, this reclassification can be accelerated if you respect all other good practices, namely: regularly publish new quality content and diversify your traffic by posting your articles on social networks.

The principle of content auditing

A content audit is a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the content strategy implemented on your website. It looks at key figures, such as the number of visits or the bounce rate, but it also studies more subjective data, concerning the relevance of the contents and their adequacy with your objectives.

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Your content can be very well referenced and generate many visits, without having the expected benefits. Being positioned on keywords related to your activity does not guarantee the quality of your content. To perform a truly comprehensive audit, it will therefore be necessary to bring together a lot of data to form a conclusive study, useful for improving your content marketing strategy in the long term. Differentiate yourself from your local competitors with unique and authentic content . Go even further, to boost natural referencing, by offering content tailored to Internet users in the targeted area .

Study your main KPI’s and visitor behavior

Second, to know if your content is relevant, it is important to take an interest in certain performance indicators. You can first assess the effectiveness of your methodology at a glance thanks to the traffic curve: if it gradually increases over time and experiences a peak in traffic when your content is published , you are certainly on the right track!

On the other hand, the average duration of a visit also remains a valuable indicator to know if your texts catch your target. It is difficult to give yourself a reference time, because it strongly depends on your activity and the objectives pursued. But Internet users must at least stay the time to read the entire article (it is up to you to judge this time, depending on the length of your writing) and take the action (a purchase will take longer than a subscription to the newsletter, for example). If your visitors are staying for less than a minute, then you might be concerned about content… and conversion.

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