Faced with the arsenal of web marketing techniques available to us today for communicating online with our consumers, we almost forget to talk about a less revolutionary practice which is nonetheless effective: Email marketing . Although some professionals do not Spain WhatsApp Number List to associate it with outbound marketing practices (we will then speak more of spam), email marketing is not only increasingly used in companies (according to Hubspot, 75% of marketers claim to use this technique more today than three years ago ), but it is also considered to be one of the most powerful communication channels. A study by the Direct Marketing Association ranks Email marketing as one of the most effective web marketing activities in terms of ROI, to the tune of $ 40.5 per dollar invested.

In its most recent report, MarketingSherpa asked a sample of 957 marketers if they thought their email marketing activities were getting a good return on their investment over budget. The results speak for themselves, with over 90% of respondents responding positively.

Give your visitor several opportunities to subscribe to your newsletter

Place your newsletter subscription form in different places on your website to increase the chances that it will be noticed (without going overboard and posting it all the time, which will have the gift of ‘irritate your visitors). For example, you could consider a dedicated space:

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In the side navigation to the right of your articles. This is usually where most subscription forms are located because they are ideally located for the reading behavior of Internet users; In the footer , in case someone ventures to the bottom of your page and to prevent them from going back to the top; At the end of your article , next to your share or comment buttons. This is an excellent place because if the reader has reached this place, it is quite possible that they liked your content and they would then be more inclined to subscribe to your newsletter; On your “About” page , where visitors usually look for more information about your company

Use the Social Proof effect

Human beings are above all a social animal, and above all they like to model their behavior on that of their peers, hence the importance of the influence of social networks on the purchasing behavior of consumers . By emphasizing the fact that other people have already subscribed to your newsletter, you will imitate your consumer to do the same. It is a way well known to psychologists to facilitate the decision process. This is what WeAreTheWords did in particular (if 7000 people have already subscribed, then their newsletter must be worth it, right?).

3. Give a little extra like a whitepaper
Another practice for deciding visitors to subscribe to a newsletter is to offer them what is called an “ incentive ”, that is to say a little extra something that will trigger their decision. For example, offer an exclusive white paper , a discount on the next purchase or, as the QuickSprout site offers, a free course worth $ 300.

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