How to measure the impact of an internet marketing campaign? If the importance of digital Ecuador Phone Number List is no longer to be demonstrated, it is obvious that its impact is not always assessed at its fair value.

According to a study carried out by EBG / Qlik, 47% of companies are unhappy with their ability to measure the relevance of their digital strategy. This explains the tiny share of the budget devoted to this marketing component, ie less than 20% for 43% of companies. For those who adopt digital marketing strategies , they would like quantitative results in 69% of cases. To this end, how to assess the impact of your digital marketing? What indicators are used to know the return on investment?

Consumer-specific indicators or KPIs

Several indicators can be used to measure the performance of a digital marketing strategy . Depending on the objectives of each company, this data will be used to analyze the source of leads or turnover, to follow the activity of social networks …

These indicators make it possible to assess the impact of a digital marketing action based on the behavioral analysis of Internet users. The results provided by these indicators can come from various sources: a web analytics or dissemination tool on social networks, the frequency and quality of internet user comments, etc.


Being accessible to clients, the freelance community manager is at ease in a close professional relationship. He will have direct contact with your company, a more humanized relationship is established and you know your interlocutor well. Precisely, since he is alone in his company, the freelance must bear low costs. This element is a strong point and differentiator because it will allow it to offer more attractive prices , and often very significantly lower than those of the agencies . It is therefore a less expensive solution , suitable for tight budgets and for brands that do not expect graphic, strategic or advanced reporting services.

The ROI of digital activities (Return on investment)

It is the main indicator from which you can measure the profitability and the contribution of a marketing action on your activity. Many marketing professionals need more visibility on the ROI of their actions. That said, it must be followed over the long term to better appreciate its evolution curve.

The ROI indicator is generally measured by including the turnover generated with regard to the activities carried out with a sufficiently fine segmentation so that we can draw reliable conclusions.

For this purpose, you must know all the resources mobilized in terms of investments. It should also be noted that the calculation of the ROI involves multiple indicators linked to objectives set upstream. Once the elements mentioned have been gathered, you will be able to translate them into a simple formula:

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