It is now common knowledge that the reach of Facebook posts has decreased Uruguay Phone Number List in recent months (many studies are there to attest to this). While this was on average 12% in October 2013, it had plummeted to 6% in February 2014. The situation is even more bitter for companies with more than 500,000 likes, going from 4 to 2% and s’ inexorably approaching 0%, the curve showing no sign of stabilization. For the Ogilvy agency , author of the graphic below, it is only a matter of time before Ground Zero is reached.

The will of Facebook behind this decision could not be simpler: to force companies and brands to invest in advertising. We can’t really blame social media for this change in business model (it’s primarily a commercial enterprise with the goal of maximizing profit), but for some, the pill is hard to swallow, and we understand why . So are you now forced to retreat? Not necessarily! Example: “ I can go to my usual mechanic who will replace the damaged part. I can also go to this garage specializing in German cars but which is 50 km from here. Or I can go to my dealer because my car is still under warranty. I therefore choose the 3 rd option. ”

Over-optimize the performance of your publications

If you don’t really have the budget (or the inclination) to invest in advertising on Facebook, you won’t be able to avoid your reach drop. On the other hand, you can limit it by optimizing each of your posts as much as possible! For example, Social Media expert Dan Zarrella compiled nearly 11.4 million posts from the 24,000 most liked pages on Facebook to come to the conclusion : Photos are the type of posts that get the best Reach in the current time, ahead of video, text and links.

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So, if you haven’t already, try incorporating images into your posts. Be careful, however, to remain consistent in your messages: do not try to turn your posts into “click factories”, at the risk of losing credibility in the eyes of your fans and of suffering penalties from the Facebook algorithm (cf. this article on clicbait )
What content to offer? Product / service demos, case study, free trial period, webinar, buying guide, etc.


Optimize your posting moments

If you can’t avoid your reach drop, at least make sure you’re putting the odds in your favor to generate minimal engagement. To do this, publish your content at strategic times corresponding to the peak hours on social media. For example, one study found that the engagement rate was 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays. On the other hand, another KISSMETRICS study argues that the best day to share content on Facebook is Saturday. Who is right, who is wrong ? Hard to say. Establishing the best timing for posting on Facebook depends on several factors, including the type of target audience, but it is possible to extract some general recommendations:

The best advice for you would be to analyze the consumption habits of your audience and run several tests at different times of the day to find out what works best for you. If the implementation of a strategy has an impact on many departments within the company, this can still be overcome with a good support and training program for the teams. We can support you in this approach in order to develop personalized training for your company. However, you can also participate in our “Inbound Marketing” days. Once a month, we organize Inbound Marketing training in our premises with the aim of training marketing professionals in the Inbound approach. Voluntarily limited to 8 people , these sessions will allow you to understand the challenges of Inbound Marketing as well as

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