How to get more quality subscribers who will subscribe to your newsletter and who will give you the best possible ROI? The lead generation , that is to say the passage of a visitor prospect, is a concept that Switzerland WhatsApp Number List the mind of all marketing professionals. It represents a crucial step in the success (or failure) of a marketing campaign. One of the most interesting indicators on this subject is undoubtedly the conversion rate (out of X visitors who went to this page, how many became leads?) And a lot of efforts will be made to optimize this variable. In a digital marketing strategy , it is very easy to verify the effectiveness of a campaign at this level.

While most will focus on Calls-to-action (shape, color, position, etc.) and the landing page (text, testimonials, title, etc.), very few care about the form as a lever for optimizing conversion. And yet, the latter is no less important, since it is thanks to it that you will collect what interests you: the personal information of your prospects that will allow you to trigger the purchase decision through various activities. marketing.

Your form must be able to be completed quickly

Of course, the first thing you think about is the length of the form. There is nothing more discouraging, even for the most motivated, than having to spend 10 minutes filling out the 25 fields required to access the promised offer. The secret is to keep the number of elements to a minimum to avoid excessive bounce rates . This can vary widely depending on what industry you are in, but it’s generally accepted that the ideal range would be between 5 and 10 fields . According to an Eloqua study, forms containing 7 fields to fill in would record the best conversion rate and would therefore be preferred to optimize your lead generation.

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How then to optimize your form so that it encourages your visitors to leave their personal information there in exchange for the offer you promise them? Here are some ideas to follow: For small organizations that create their content in-house, you will quickly realize that it is a fairly time-consuming activity that takes some time to set up and bear fruit. But all these efforts lay the foundations for the long term: an article that brings usefulness to the visitor in January is still valid next July and probably still a year later (while being careful to update certain information). To continue to learn more about this strategy, do not hesitate to contact our agency who will be able to enlighten you and why not provide you with concrete help in your own strategy!

Your form must be concise: 6 seconds to convince the visitor

According to Hubspot, you have an average of 6 seconds to convince a visitor to subscribe to the offer you are offering them on your landing page. While this statistic generally applies to one page optimization, it can be tailored to your form as well. It is therefore important to eliminate any superfluous, distractive and confusing element that could discourage the visitor and encourage them to abandon your page without having filled in all the required fields.

As such, one of the most harmful elements remains undoubtedly the CAPTCHA(code to type on the Internet to verify that you are not a robot trying to use a link), which according to some sources is responsible for up to 20% of the bounce rates on a landing page. It is sometimes very interesting to include on your form certain information which will aim to reduce this resistance, such as for example the non-obligation to create an account when making a purchase with Paypal, or a link to confidentiality agreements. and respect for private life.

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