If you read our blog regularly or are familiar with content marketing , you certainly Palestinian Territories Email Lists that this discipline represents an investment that requires a long-term vision. Unfortunately, it is not overnight that you will be identified as essential in your field of activity, that your blog will be visited by thousands of Internet users every day and that you will be followed by a community of faithful. on Facebook and Twitter. Remember, there is no single recipe for success in a snap.

Emailing is an essential technique to convert prospects into customers and retain consumers. However, the goal of this operation is not to send as many emails as possible without thinking, but to adopt a qualitative approach to Inbound Marketing . Your items should prompt action, without being deceptive. Remember that each email sent bears the signature of your company . Creating or participating in a LinkedIn group remains an excellent way to attract more contacts and above all to detect potential customers. These discussion spaces allow you to exchange views with other experts on specific topics that concern your sector of activity.

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. Problem is, I don’t know which one.”

This famous quote from John Wanamaker , considered the marketing pioneer of the twentieth century, illustrates the great difficulty in measuring traditional marketing activities. However, the great advantage of content marketing is that in the digital domain, any indicator is traceable, measurable and comparable!

Palestinian Territories Email Lists

Measuring certain metrics in your content marketing campaign will allow you to make sure that you are on the right track against your initial goals. But beware, some performance indicators are more important than others depending on your situation. Don’t bother to track down everything that moves on your Google Analytics, focus on what makes sense! You can then analyze the general trend in your market, identify potential partners, make yourself known and help professionals in difficulty. By giving compassionate and effective advice, you will be able to identify people who may need your services in the near future . You can then invite them to be in contact with you, that they benefit from your publications and that they can move from the contact stage to the prospect stage …

User experience

Here, it is more the quality of the website that will be evaluated, but we can also think that the quality of the content produced can vary these indicators. The more your site will be “sticky” (that is to say fluid, of pleasant navigation, intuitive and fast), the more the visitor will stay on your site and will consume your contents. The indicators testifying to a good UX are:

Bounce rate This indicator provides information on the percentage of visitors who left the site having visited a single page. Although there are several things that can happen, in general a high bounce rate is a sign that the content on the site is not meeting the visitor’s expectations. Read this article to learn more.
Number of pages viewed per session A high number of pages indicates a quality site rich in content and enjoying good navigability Time spent on the site Another indicator that allows us to assess the quality of the content of the site

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