In recent months, Facebook has been making a lot of efforts on its advertising Guadeloupe Email Lists to offer advertisers a full service while improving the user experience . The leader in social networks is constantly innovating by evolving its advertising formats to best meet the objectives of companies in terms of digital marketing campaigns.

However, with these many formats, it can be difficult to know which one to turn to when creating your ad. To help you see more clearly, here are the different advertising campaigns that you can carry out, as well as some tips from our digital marketing agency for successful communication on Facebook. Since the operating principle of Hellocoton is based on the discovery of blogs and the sharing of your articles, it is essential to put the address of your blog and especially, ESPECIALLY, your RSS feed . It is thanks to this information that the platform will automatically update your content and ensure a regular presence in the news feed of people who follow you.

The different types of advertising possible on Facebook

When you go to the Facebook ad creation space , you have 8 choices that each meet a goal . Of course, if you have multiple goals, it is possible to run multiple campaigns to ensure effective visibility and meet all of your marketing goals . Let’s break down the main types of advertising so we can see what is most relevant to your business.

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1. Clicks to Website: Drain Facebook users to your site.
If your goal is to send as many Facebook users as possible to your website , this campaign should be created. You will then have a publication in which there is a link to a page on your site, on which Internet users will be led to click. This campaign is useful to increase your notoriety and act on SEO . Indeed, the more a site is “clicked” and visited, the better it goes up in the results on the search engines.

As with every ad, you can choose to distribute the post to everyone or target a specific audience . I can recommend that you opt for personalized targeting enough to make sure that your post appears to your potential target. Visibility will be even more effective. ​ou will then have to choose the budget and your payment method. Do you prefer cost per click (CPC) or per thousand impressions (CPM)? If you’re not sure which one is more appropriate for your needs, test both first and see which one has the best ROI (return on investment).

Some tips to get your first Facebook advertising campaign off to a good start

Now that you know the different types of advertising formats on Facebook, let me give you some tips to create your first campaign in the best possible way. Start your advertising strategy smoothly
If you still do not know the ROI of your future campaigns, it is better to gradually test your advertisements , by diversifying the formats and the type of cost. Thus, you will already have data for a first analysis of the publications that work best with your target and you will be able to refine your next campaigns.

First, build loyalty in your community. Before you want to recruit new subscribers or spam your community, be sure of their commitment to you . Your true ambassadors are your loyal consumers, they are the ones who will share your publications and your offers with their friends. Know that there is nothing better than digital word of mouth to “recruit” new fans. So take care of them first.

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