You may be wondering how Sweden Consumer Email List can improve Wi-Fi security? Ask yourself what your current practices are when it comes to distributing Wi-Fi passwords, and how often they change. This point will allow us to illustrate the problem and the reasons why a RADIUS is useful. Is your Wi-Fi password written on the whiteboard in the conference room or in the open space? Do you share the login ID by e-mail with each new arrival? Maybe you have people coming and going in your organization forcing you to constantly hand out the Wi-Fi password on sticky notes or paper? Of course, these practices are… convenient, but they are not safe.

The problem with these methods is that it can be easy for an intruder to break into your Wi-Fi network, use it without permission, or even endanger information systems and data. of your organization. Let’s take a closer look at what a RADIUS is and how it helps protect your network. RADIUS stands for Remote Authentication Dial In User Service. The “Dial In” part of the name indicates the age of RADIUS: it has existed since 1991, a dinosaur in the world of computing. It is a widely used tool to authenticate and authorize users to access a Wi-Fi network remotely but can also be used to access VPNs or other network infrastructure equipment.

Reminder of bad network security practices

The RADIUS protocol is mainly based on a server (the RADIUS server), connected to an identification base (database, LDAP directory, etc.) and a RADIUS client acting as an intermediary between the end user and the server ( a UniFi USG Router for example). All transactions between the RADIUS client and the RADIUS server are encrypted and authenticated using a shared secret called passphrase. It is completed when it is set up by the WPA2 Enterprise protocol on wireless access points – that is to say the process of sharing the SSID (the name of the network, for example “) and the passphrase. To access a wireless network secured by RADIUS, the user must provide a unique set of credentials, namely a username and password.


These credentials can be used on multiple devices to be compared to credentials stored in the directory service or database. It is also possible to store end user credentials natively in RADIUS. Organizations that want to set up RADIUS have a number of options: Free RADIUS , Microsoft NPS , Cisco ISA and many more. As you can see, with RADIUS in place, you no longer have to worry about malicious actors stealing the login information you display on the open space whiteboard. Without unique credentials authenticated by the service, a user cannot access the network. It is easier to invalidate an access account and renew it than to change

A new tool for me, but not so new for mankind

For added security, you can also use RADIUS to implement per-user VLAN tagging. VLAN tagging involves segmenting a Wi-Fi network into as many virtual networks as you want. Then, individual users or groups (think departments in your organization) are assigned to one or more specific VLANs. So even if one of your users or VLANs were compromised, your entire network infrastructure would not be at risk. So there is less time available for interviews! We must be even better in the techniques of interviews, active listening, note taking and exploitation of the slightest bit of information any skill on which our young

the password of a Wi-Fi for everyone. Of course, these accesses must be disseminated individually. And install and manage an additional service. At this price, the end result is dramatically improved network security. people are still as poorly trained while our level of ‘demand continues to increase. A matter of specialists udge the CVs of the speakers in the light of their experiences: innovative systems, internet technologies, large volumes processed, recognized experts, publications. Meet their past clients, nothing better than the advice of your peers. On the same theme, you can read this historic article (2010!) Of our blog: ” The IT services companies [now we say ESN!] Come from Mars, the CIOs [Digital Directions] come from Venus “

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