Let’s move quickly to May 11. The country has Denmark Email List opened up. People go out again, but practice barrier gestures and forms of physical distancing. Supply chains and distribution centers are starting to operate more easily, albeit more slowly. There are even fewer people going out, but the general situation is returning to normal. A “new daily” is being set up for all French people. If your boss asks you: “What is our recovery plan for post-coronavirus activity?” ” Be prepared to update any inaccurate and older content on your website relating to the proper functioning of your business during the coronavirus, for example:

Shipping and handling restrictions or processing considerations. General Covid-19 content and resource pages related to special arrangements made by your business. Offers related to Covid-19 such as specific emailing campaigns that you send to your customers during containment. Adjust your Google My Business profile settings to reflect the new business hours. Where appropriate, take advantage of structured data tags specially created for the circulation of Covid-19 information. The economic impact of the crisis varies from one sector of activity to another. It is therefore important to assess what is working (or not) before taking action. There may be new issues to address that did not exist prior to March 2020 . Some companies have gotten new customers unexpectedly, while others have had to completely reorganize to stay alive.

Planning a new daily

For example, an e-commerce with an excellent reputation and an organic ranking could find itself sinking after containment, as a result of longer processing and shipping times and downsizing. On the other hand, businesses that relied heavily on foot traffic and physical locations need to be creative and agile. Some are opening their first e-commerce site and abandoning shipping, others are offering new delivery options or time-specific drive features. If you have a fast digital communication system in place to allow you to telecommute and it works perfectly, get ready to update it and make it scalable before the economy takes off again!


Thanks to the time you had during this confinement, have you found the best niches to send your emails and post your messages on social networks? If so, don’t let that progress go down the drain once things get better and you don’t have the luxury of having so much time. Once you’ve identified the things that are working or the temporary strategies you want to make permanent, be ready for the support you will need to develop and expand what you are currently testing. Start thinking about and planning vacations now. The question is not “if” things will return to normal, but “when”. Be prepared to recruit internal staff if necessary, to establish new partnerships with agencies that you could lean on to lead future initiatives focused on digital marketing.

Priority to communication

Whatever the case may be for you individually, approach challenges with an open and flexible mind, remember we are all in the same boat and try to stay positive! Local inventory (data from local stores) is a major potential differentiator. Again, this feature allows a merchant to list products from their physical store. Once purchased on Google Shopping, the Internet user can then come and collect their product directly in the store. This is arguably the only feature on the list that Amazon doesn’t have and is unlikely to expand. This functionality makes it possible to create a real bridge between the Internet user and the physical establishment. It is an “Achilles heel”. But it remains to be seen how aggressively Google develops and promotes the inventory of local products.

Product reviews are a critical area and an opportunity. Google Shopping is quite strict on the display of product ratings in its listings, which is not the case with Amazon. Amazon has a crippling problem in this area, since any buyer can post a review for a product, even if they haven’t purchased it. The quality of a product can then be biased because of its falsified rating. If Google were to become even more demanding about framing reviews, by only allowing reviews from verified buyers, it could make trust a point of differentiation. Here’s another, intangible, problem for Google: Using Amazon is more intuitive than Google Shopping,

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