January is always a good month for new resolutions, whether personal or professional. Maybe you’ve decided to join a gym to spend more time Singapore WhatsApp Number List your family (and less with your laptop)? Very well ! And for your business, what resolutions have you decided to take? There are, I’m sure, many areas for improvement that you have identified to make your website more efficient and effective in 2014 and it is certainly not easy to know where to start … In these cases , the easiest way is to start with the most important place on your site: its home page . Indeed, the home page is important for your digital marketing strategy , because:

This is the page that collects the most traffic ;
It is also the one that will introduce you and allow your visitors to identify you and differentiate you from your competitors; In addition, the role of the home page has changed significantly over the years. Ongoing search engine improvements as well as the ability for a visitor to come to your site through other doors (blog, landing pages, etc.) have somewhat changed consumer expectations for the information found on your home page and the way it is offered. It is therefore important that we adapt to these changes to stick to these new expectations, thanks to the advice of Rand Fishkin in this Whiteboard Friday :

How to organize your home page?

Promote its main products and services
One of the most common mistakes is to want to make it look like the home page of its website in the window of a well-stocked shop, with all its products and services prominently. The problem with this tactic is that it demands a lot of consumer attention, and the consumer gets less and less. If he doesn’t understand your business logic at a glance, he won’t have any qualms about leaving your page and looking elsewhere.

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Instead of striving for completeness to be appealing to everyone, instead try structuring your home page around your company’s core products and services , the ones most visitors look for when they come to your website . If you have an ergonomic and intuitive navigation, it is not necessary to highlight everything, your visitors will only find the information they need.

Include keywords on the home page?

Since the home page is the most important on your site and the one with the most inbound links, it is essential to include as many keywords as possible in order to be more visible on search engines, right? False !

Google (like bing) can now understand that a website contains unique content on certain internal pages and can easily find them and offer them as a result of queries. In addition, the authority of the site as a whole is taken into account by the search engines, which means that a page can be well referenced even for a keyword that is not listed on it . In other words, your internal pages inherit the authority and strength of your website . The important thing is now to have a consistent and quality site , and no longer to place a maximum of keywords on specific pages (beware of Black-hat practices !).

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