Social networks have an exponential power of dissemination, and that is why they are so popular with companies. Information can be shared at Cocos Islands Keelings Email List speed and reach hundreds or even thousands of potential consumers. But what is an advantage can quickly turn into a disadvantage when it comes to customer error, inattention or dissatisfaction. Yes, on social networks, everything goes fast, very fast, even bad news!

A community management agency carries the word of your company on the web. She is in direct contact with Internet users and conveys your values. Indirectly, it promotes your services and strengthens your presence on the market, in order to retain consumers and increase your visibility with your target audience.

But communication channels are not limited to social media, and very often forums, blogs or specialized platforms are involved. The more precise you can be in analyzing the digital presence of your target, the more effective your Inbound Marketing strategy will be. Very often, the inbound marketing that you are going to practice will require you to set up your own blog, and this environmental reflection will allow you to ensure that it attracts a maximum of traffic to it and creating bridges with existing structures. It will then be necessary to draw inspiration from good practices while finding levers of differentiation. That’s all the talent of inbound marketing agencies!

Definition of bad buzz

The bad buzz is the enemy brother of the buzz! It defines a (very) virulent reaction from Internet users, following an event, a communication campaign, a photo or the release of a product. These strong reactions are often very negative and generate a torrent of insults or hateful comments. Internet users do not hesitate to share their dissatisfaction on the various pages of the brand and with their community. This sets off a particularly destructive snowball effect for the company at the origin of the disputed event.

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Even though it is fleeting, it can damage a brand over a period of time. It is therefore important to react quickly and intelligently in the event of a bad buzz in order to quell the controversy as much as possible. As for the creation of white papers or other premium resources, your agency will have to mention it because you will need this type of content to convert your traffic into customers. If the content is not of quality or is not adapted to your targets, all this work will be for nothing, and your investment could be lost! Do not hesitate to ask your service provider for a sample article for your campaign, or to consult the agency’s references on this type of activity to reassure yourself.

Communicate transparently

Now is the time to do your mea culpa and retrace the story that led to this bad experience. You are human, everyone can make a mistake or lack judgment at some point, the main thing is to know how to recognize it. Companies are often cautious about apologizing, they think it’s a sign of weakness that can hurt them. It is false, on the contrary, it humanizes them. The Internet users in front of you are also human and have also made mistakes in their lives. They will calm down if you know how to calmly explain the situation to them and share the lessons learned with them.

When your message or press release is ready, distribute it widely in the press, on social networks, on the site, by email, etc. Findus is the prime example of bad buzz that can hurt a lot. It turned into a real food scandal and even if it was impossible to come out of it grown up and turn this bad buzz to its advantage, the brand tried as much as possible to appease the spirits. As soon as the first messages report horse meat found in various prepared dishes, Findus publishes a press release . This is ultimately a perfect example of communication: the brand recalls the facts, plays full transparency by recognizing that the dishes are not compliant and apologizes completely.

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