Do you know Hellocoton ? Launched in Paris in 2008, by Hubert Michaux and Victor Cerutti , this web portal aimed to offer female Internet users a space where most women’s blogs would be gathered . And it was a success! Today, more than 3 million visitors come to the site every day to find Greenland Email List blogs. Its social functioning makes it a particularly interesting tool for all bloggers who want to create a community of readers and build relationships with other bloggers. Let’s find out together how it works and how useful it is in a digital strategy . Hellocoton: a social and marketing tool Even if Hellocoton is not officially recognized as a social network , it still has many characteristics. To start, everyone can register their blog , in a theme of their choice between:

There is then a profile to fill out to make other registrants want to follow you. Of course, you can also follow other blogs in turn. You will thus build a news feed where the latest articles from your favorite bloggers will appear . You can also “like” and comment, like on Facebook, Linkedin or Google + . But the similarities end here. If Hellocoton is not considered a social network , it is because the platform offers an additional service, very useful for promoting your blog and widening your readership: a favorites category, and a trendy category .

A platform with a news and watch feed

Hellocoton works on the principle of RSS feeds. When creating your account, you must enter your blog’s RSS feed to automatically post each of your articles on the platform . It saves precious time! When you are registered on the site, you do not have to come back each time to manually post your last ticket. Subscribers to your profile will receive your news in real time in their news feed.

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In addition, this automation is convenient for monitoring. If you have taken care to subscribe to relevant blogs, then you will also receive their latest posts in real time. Hellocoton is therefore an additional tool to integrate into your curation strategy . In addition, the famous Top 10 will allow you to see at a glance the articles which make the buzz, to discover new blogs and to add sources to your watch. Indeed, Hellocoton has annexed to the platform a webzine which groups the best articles by category. These are selected based on their popularity, partly by an algorithm, partly by the Hellocoton team , so that it is not always well-known blogs that are in the selection.

For your blog: profit from Hellocoton in 5 steps

So that your presence on Hellocoton is really useful for your digital strategy , you must respect 5 essential steps, which go from the creation of your profile to the animation of your page. It’s tempting to just open an account, put an RSS feed in there, and let your profile live on its own. Other than getting you a (very small) handful of visits per month, that won’t do you much good.

You might as well take this tool seriously, to really optimize your content marketing , ensure better visibility and act effectively on SEO . 1. Complete your profile perfectly
As on any other social network or platform where you register your profile, it is important to take care of your presentation. This involves filling in all the fields, with a complete and impactful biography, which makes you want to follow you. The avatar must be directly related to your activity. Whether it is your photo or your logo, it is essential to illustrate your profile.

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