The most popular Bahamas WhatsApp Number List are salmon, green, blue, and purple.Since all of your elements are going to be “flat,” the font plays a huge role on your website.You should favor a “sans serif” font for your design, but you should also think about the content of your site, it should be clear and easy to read.We can also use some icons to accompany the text, but be careful not to overdo it .The Flat Design and Design Responsive go more often together, in fact with a simple interface very simple forms, it is easier to make your site responsive, because there is no graphical elements that may hinder development form.The Flat Design is the biggest trend of the web now !

Even if its visual rendering may seem minimalist, its design is more complicated than that of a classic site.The Long Shadow comes from the “Flat Design” trend, adding volume and depth.The “Long Shadow” comes most often in addition to the “ Flat Design “. Indeed, this new trend volume and depth to a flat and minimalist design.This design is most often applied to logos, icons, buttons .Just like the “ Flat Design ” this new style also follows several rules:This new trend follows the “ Flat Design ” movement by bringing volume and depth to the design. For the moment, this design applies to logos, icons and buttons… Even the biggest sizes are getting started on Twitter, Facebook, Google.

How to test a responsive design website?

What is a responsive design website and how to test it? A responsive design is an adaptive design, it adapts to the size of the screen used to view it.Whether you use a smartphone, a tablet, a computer screen or a projector, the responsive design website will be designed to display correctly and offer all of its internet visitors the same quality of navigation.It may sound obvious, but it is far from the case for the majority of websites today. On the website creation side, responsive design avoids designing several different versions of the same website.How to test a responsive design website on pc screens, smartphones, tablets…?


In order to quickly visualize a website in responsive design on several different screens, if you do not have the possibility of having them on hand, there are small programs to install on your PC or integrated into the development software for emulate different screen sizes.Another way that is even easier, faster and requiring no installation is to test any type of website, a web service integrating an HTML emulator perfectly fulfills this function.Excellent sites achieve this performance, they allow you to see in one click what a responsive design site looks like on all existing terminals, from the iPhone to a basic Android smartphone, almost all tablets and even desktop screens. television !!

Do not hesitate to read this article to learn more about responsive design

The most efficient and easiest to use according to the developer community is Responsinator , if you want more choices in screen sizes you can try the Screenfly tool from Quirktools . Another interesting option, Matt Kersley’s Responsive allows you to see multiple screens at a glance while being very easy to .Now that you know how to quickly and easily test make sure your website is responsive design, if it isn’t you will still be able to see what it looks like on different screen sizes. It is always possible to make a website responsive design, to find out more, do not hesitate to contact us.

In recent months, among the trends the minimalist current has again entered with great force in web design. However this style was already in the pipes in 2009 but remained experimental. There is in fact a multitude of minimalism, structured by colors, fonts, lines In 2014, there are more websites using three to four colors instead of animations and graphics. The result is a sober, clean, uncluttered site that is appreciated by companies who have found a great way to communicate more effectively.Each year, companies want to know the new trends in terms of design and colors to adapt their communication, the web design of their website is no exception and the year 2014 either!The first websites had a very rich and rather heavy design, using a strong color scheme and mixing styles.

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