We had already, according to our blog articles, raised the question of the place of videos in a content strategy: This article which supported the Tunisia WhatsApp Number List that it is quite possible to produce many types of videos to satisfy all budgets … To deepen the reflection a little on this subject, today we would like to share with you a published Quicksprout infographic which supplements our two previous articles while providing some very interesting details on the interest of considering the use of video on his blog.

You don’t have to be tall and strong to hit your opponent with your snowball. You just need to know how to aim. Inbound marketing is based on the same model: if you strive to produce quality content on a regular basis that meets the needs of your prospects, you will sooner or later be rewarded, no matter the size of your business or your seniority. You don’t have to be a big hunk to be a serious competitor.

video, an efficient and sought-after medium

Video content improves your visitors’ understanding of your products and services by 74%;
Youtube is the 2 nd search engine behind Google, which proves that Internet users are not necessarily inclined to read. he online video market In a month : 45.4% of Internet users watch at least one video online … … And are exposed on average to 32 videos In one day : 100 million Internet users watch online video, a significant portion of which concerns content that offers products and services

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Every week : 75% of professionals watch at least one video whose content is related to their work;
50% of these videos are viewed directly on Youtube; 65% of these professionals visit the website of the company that created the video after watching it. For example, Carlsberg communicated about his operation at the airport via a tweet: Inbound Marketing: Carlsberg communicates on an Outbound Marketing action
Dulux Valentine announces its presence at a trade fair: Dulux Valentine uses Inbound Marketing to promote an Outbound action

What results does video content generate?

80% of users remember the ads they watch online, and 46% of them take concrete action after watching them : Additionally, when a video is included in an email : The click-through rate is multiplied by 2, or even by 3; For an introductory email, the unsubscribe rate decreases by 75%; In an email marketing campaign, the conversion rate increases by 51%.

The numbers presented above (you can find all sources at the bottom of the infographic) are surprising to say the least and certainly have the potential to win over even the most skeptical of video marketing among us. However, it is important now to consider this type of content in the same way as infographics or traditional blog posts , despite the legitimate reservations we may have regarding the price, effort and cost inherent in the production of videos. Blablacar broadcasts its presence live on various French festivals, as well on Twitter: Inbound Marketing: BlablaCar communicates on its IRL events via Twitter

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