According to Soccer is back in the world and millions of people are very happy about it.Well. really also media and brands. One of the leagues that is about to resume activities is the Premier League and for this reason it is looking for a way to reconnect with the fans. We are talking about one of the most profitable professional sports leagues in the world. only in the 2018-2019 season it generated revenues of more than 5.730 million euros and. before the coronavirus. it was estimated that this season would exceed 5.940 euros . according to data from Deloitte.

The connection with the fans Without a doubt this is very important for international sport. whether in stadiums or broadcast on television and Ecuador Phone Number other media. the presence of the public contributes not only to giving projection and scope to events. it is also a key factor in attracting brands. . In that sense. the leagues that return and join ‘the new normality’ have had to find a way to reconnect with the fans. in the case of the Premier League they will resort to setting the matches with sounds of the virtual crowd that is seen in F IFA 20 .

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as revealed by Sky Sports. In this way. the EA Sports video game will become a voice that replaces the fans who. as it is and will be with all the leagues in the world. will not be able to attend the stadiums. “ We want Sky Sports viewers to have the best experience possible – even if they can’t be in the stadium or watch with their friends and family .” Sky Sports Director Robert Webster was quoted as saying in a Eurogamer report . football needs The Premier League will return to the courts from June 17 with the matches between Aston Villa v Sheffield United and Manchester City v Arsenal . this after almost 100 days of not seeing activity due to the coronavirus.

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In this way. it follows in the footsteps of the K League . From South Korea. and the Bundesliga. From Germany. in reactivating their respective championships. while LaLiga. from Spain. is expected to do so this week. In some of the returns we have seen various actions to reconnect with the fans. in the German league. for example. fans were simulated with cardboard figures. in other cases stuffed animals were placed or the stands were upholstered with team jerseys. in the case South Korean. was more unfortunate because ma mannequins were used and. although the idea was not bad.

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The mistake was in advertising a brand of a sex shop. But. there are more interesting cases. such as in Japan. Where Yamaha set out to find formulas to generate more atmosphere in empty stadiums. Until it came up with an interesting proposal. The answer came with “Remote Cheerer with SoundUD technology”. An app that allows fans who watch games on television. Or a streaming platform to send messages in real time to stadiums or arenas. All these cases exemplify the urgency with which sport. Particularly soccer needs to return. It is the sport that has been most affected by the coronavirus. only in the case of the Premier League.

But the amount grows They consider 180 million for each day and 300 million for commercial agreements . According to data from KPMG. Soccer and other professional sports are beginning to return in the world but. They have a small detail the stands of their stadiums. And arenas are or will be empty due. To prevention and security measures due to the coronavirus. Soccer and other professional sports are beginning to return in the world but. They have a small detail. the stands of their stadiums and arenas are or. Will be empty due to prevention and security measures due to the coronavirus.

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