In the past two years, the taxi ride has been really fierce. Just now, “Didi Taxi” was renamed “Didi Chuxing”. US Phone Number This is the rhythm of taking all travel services. A related topic I have always found very interesting: why Didi can so easily extend to the entire mobile travel field, and even overwhelm its competitors who have been working in the field of private cars and chauffeurs for several years? What are laws and logic? US Phone Number What are the similarities and differences between O2O and the competition in the Internet field that everyone is familiar with?

Even Overwhelm Its US Phone Number Competitors

What can be learned from strategy and tactics? First of all, “high frequency and low frequency” and “just need to fight hard” are the prerequisites for extension. US Phone Number Everyone has heard this sentence a lot, but there is a reason for it. Not only O2O, the Internet is actually like this. Wechat plus a payment function is used by everyone, does anyone use US Phone Number Alipay plus a chat function? Anyway, I haven’t used it, this is a typical “high frequency and low frequency”. The logic is very simple. I use WeChat every day, and it suddenly reminds me that I can use WeChat to buy things.

Wechat Plus a Payment Function US Phone Number

USA Phone Number
USA Phone Number

I will try Tencent and I will have one more user. In the future, I can create various scenarios to remind you. US Phone Number The same is true of Didi taxi extension to chauffeured taxis. Many people use Didi taxis every day. Suddenly, one day I found that there was an additional “driver chauffeur” tab, and there was a red envelope, so I’ll give it a try. But on the other hand, US Phone Number the frequency of use of chauffeurs is much lower than that of taxis, and no one drinks every night. The advantage of Didi is not only high frequency and low frequency, but also just need to play hard.

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