Possibly if you do not know seo, it can cost money to get an agency or person to help you with it. We can do it. An initial recommendation, if you have the site in wordpress, I recommend that you install yoast . This plugin will help you upload content with the necessary guidelines so that search engines recognize you. Finally and very important that you know the importance of backlinks, in organic positioning. If you want to understand, enter this text where we explain what backlinks are. A few days ago we launched our platform where we already have more than 800 registered media.

Understanding how content marketing works and the associated costs: 1. Content production 2. Distribution 3.Seo 4. Backlinks wearecontent helps you with the strategy, creation, distribution of content and improvement in positioning with the platform of backlinks or sponsored links. How do you know if content marketing is Guatemala phone number working? There are several ways to measure it, my recommendation is through google search console . This platform is free and shows how the content is being indexed. As you can see in the following print screen, you must enter through the search analytics section.

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There, you will clearly see how the indexing is evolving in terms of organic clicks and impressions, among others. Content marketing questions and answers for small businesses? Steps to understand how content marketing works: identify the buyer person define the objectives set the formats to be produced do the analysis of the keywords on which you will make the content create the content with seo techniques. To understand it better, read this article distribute the content and upload it to your social networks measure performance through the search console. Establish a backlink strategy.

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We hope that with all this explanation you have understood how content marketing works and are encouraged to start!I had the opportunity to attend collision , which is an event that took place in new orleans a few days ago. At this event was the ceo of moz , whose name is sarah bird. She gave an amazing presentation about seo and the big surprise was the photo you can see below. Is sem more effective than seo to the surprise of many unbelievers of content marketing or content marketing, the click rate on content is 20 times higher than the click rate of paid campaigns.

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What does that mean? Quite simply…people trust organic results and don’t trust paid results as much. Likewise, if you do paid adwords campaigns with google ( sem ), it does not necessarily imply that you have covered the spectrum of your keyword or keyword . I think that when consumers tell us “advertising”, we are often skeptical of what is behind it. This, perhaps, is the explanation for the click rate on sem that is achieved today. It is clear that sem is the fastest way to achieve results, but it is also clear that cpc is growing at an average rate of 27% year over year .

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