There are plenty of blog posts, videos or webinars across the blogosphere that promise to unlock expert secrets, in order to produce quality Swaziland Email List that sets you apart from the competition. Nevertheless, let’s agree that quality content is content that is: We therefore realize that it is not always enough to apply a few tips read on a blog to get there! It’s hard to create content that 100% meets the needs of your audience and that follows a well-crafted strategy right out of the box . Before you get to that “perfect” stage, you’ll probably go through a series of trial and error , experimenting with getting you closer to that “ideal content” as you go.

Is there a methodology specific to content marketing that considers this process of continuous improvement? The answer is of course YES, and we have already mentioned it on our blog: it is the lean philosophy. Image enhancement: giving the brand a face and a voice
After a precise analysis work, a community management agency will understand all the elements that define your brand to better embody it in the eyes of Internet users, give it a face.

Content marketing from a lean perspective

“Lean marketing is an intelligent approach that considers each marketing activity in an incremental way thanks to a process of continuous improvement tending towards maximum optimization and customer satisfaction.” The basis of the philosophy is therefore to execute a marketing campaign as soon as possible and to improve its perfections thanks to the feedback collected by performance indicators and consumer behavior . This continuous improvement process is easily applicable to the field of content marketing . By applying the Lean methodology, we can therefore consider improving many components:

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From a Lean perspective, the production of content is articulated according to a cycle in 3 stages, ” create-measure-adjust ” which aims to tend towards the optimization of the result thanks to a continuous follow-up. How then to create “Lean” content? She will also look at the vocabulary and keywords that she must use to best reach the targets on social networks and give her a voice. This rehumanization of the brand is essential in a climate of mistrust and economic tension.

It is a notion that reassures consumers, and it is also an opportunity for the brand to stand out through its personality in addition to its offer. One case is today a benchmark: that of the food brand Michel & Augustin, which has managed to adopt a tone totally different from that of its competitors: the personality of the creators is reflected in all the messages, from the advertising to the inscriptions on the products. Their Facebook page now has 120,466 “likes”.

Measure the success of your content marketing

Monitor the performance indicators that you deem the most relevant (bounce rate, shares on social media, number of comments, etc.) and which best reflect the effectiveness of your content;
Don’t forget to keep an eye on your conversion rates , i.e. the number of readers who have taken concrete action when reading your content. Basically, how many visitors became leads as a result of this article ?

Adjust your marketing approach. Based on the observations you made in the previous step, identify areas for improvement to be made to your future content to improve results. For example, if you’ve noticed little interaction for your Facebook posts, try varying the length of the text or changing the time of publication.

Repeat the process as many times as possible and collect any clues you can observe in your immediate surroundings. At the end of each cycle, you will see your content will produce more impact and generate better results each time. Creation of real proximity between the brand and consumers. This whole community that is federated around the brand on social networks should have as many satisfied consumers (or almost). The community management agency ensures that the accounts remain active by posting photos directly related to events, job offers, news on new products or stores etc.

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