More and more companies and entrepreneurs are discovering podcasting. Of course you can use many tools for this. Basically, there are two main podcast tasks you’ll want a tool for: for recording & editing and for publishing, distributing & promoting . Most recently, recommendations from my network for my Contentdiva’s podcast led me to Captivate in the UK. Captivate is continuously expanding the number of features, but this is currently in addition to the basic function of publishing your podcast via an RSS feed to the main podcast apps:

  • Link to a WordPress website or to a separate website
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Booking guest speakers
  • Tutorials & Support
  • Working in teams
  • Tons of podcast promotion tools

Create Mockups with PhotoFunia

Usually you only need mock-ups every now and then and Canva can help you quite a bit. But sometimes you want to do something special with a mock-up and in that case you can use the content tool PhotoFunia (free). It lets you easily Payroll Directors Email Lists choose and apply from many different types of occasions, applications, filters and effects. So for this occasion I hung like a fly on the Kremlin wall.

With Captivate you pay from €17 per month for a maximum of 12,000 downloads per month.

Prefer a Dutch tool & provider? Check out Springcast , which seems to have many of the same functionalities (from 4.95 per month).

Payroll Directors Email Lists

Effect photos and videos

You can of course give your photos or videos an extra touch with Canva, but tools like Lumyer, Motionleap or Artleap have just that little bit more. With these content tools you can add extra (moving) elements to a photo or give it a completely different look, for example by making a drawn sketch.

Those effects can certainly be useful and fun, but I think a warning is in order. These tools have the danger that you may not use them strategically, because the effects are so fun and sometimes even astonishing. Therefore, take a good look at your target group, your brand identity and your content goals or content strategy before you use them.

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