This program, presented by andreu buenafuente and berto romero, is based on entertaining conversation and improvises on an everyday situation. However, Topics are chosen based on suggestions made by listeners via twitter and emails. They take advantage of the content that the audience gives them, through interaction. (buenafuente and berto, 2021) stories in english. An interesting format and valuable content. One of the best podcasts you should know. This is one of the best podcasts you can listen to and learn from. For instance, It has excellent ratings and is created by duolingo, the famous platform that helps you learn languages.

His production is impeccable. Although it is not the only podcast that deals with language issues, the originality of its format is what makes it stand out from the rest. It is a successful podcast because behind it there is well-crafted content. They have also dedicated themselves to creating an original format that is really Kazakhstan phone number helpful for users. Think about what the advantages of your product are and try to reflect them in the content of your podcast, just like the multilingual owl team does.

Between the Semantic Concepts,

They create wonderful real-life stories that are narrated in a very simple way in english. Accompanied by comments in spanish so that you can have a good context of understanding. (duolingo. 2021) convert more with vilma núñez. Create content from your own experience the podcast of this dominican expert in digital marketing is one of the biggest references in the sector. It has more than 500 episodes with which you can learn about social media. Entrepreneurship. Advertising. And even how to make podcasts. Search for their content on your favorite platform or from their own website. She has been able to transfer her knowledge to this format.

Kazakhstan Phone Number

It is a successful podcast because vilma knows very well what she is talking about. However, Dominates the subject. And develops her content from her own experience (núñez. 2021) the online marketing podcast.  Similarly,You always need to learn about multimedia juan boluda has 1700 episodes that talk about the latest trends in the online world through short and pleasant conversations. For instance, It is one of the most sought-after multimedia content by digital marketing professionals. Businessmen. And entrepreneurs who want to take their businesses to the highest digital level. It contains everything you ever wanted to know about the subject.

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Listening to the testimony of those who have a good track record in their business careers is an excellent source of inspiration (boluda, 2021) shut up and sell by gerardo rodríguez. Sales success. One of the best podcasts to know. The whole point of this podcast is sales. If what you need is to learn sales strategies, methods, and philosophy, as well as to be inspired by the best success stories, you cannot miss gerardo’s multimedia content.  However,It is very useful for those who decide to start their own business, boost conversions and increase income.


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