One thing is to produce content and another thing is to create a content strategy. Most companies create content and the difference is abysmal. It is useless to do the previous analysis, if the contents that you are going to produce, do not appear in the search engines. At the end of this article I suggest a link to a guide we developed to generate content. A content strategy must always be accompanied by a good seo strategy. If you decide to work on seo internally, I recommend using yoast to validate that the content is found with the appropriate techniques. If you don’t have a way to install it in your content manager, you can use this web version

With this platform, you will be able to validate if the contents are well developed. If you decide to hire a company to help you with seo, always ask for referrals from other clients. In this way, you will Estonia phone number have a lower risk. Remember that in this business there are many companies that say they master this technique. You should know that many companies know how to interpret software and are not aware of the strategic issues that are required to be successful with content.

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Content seo has its science, and it is a complement to technical seo, which is where most companies are oriented. If you want to go deeper, I recommend that you read the following text, which is an seo guide to position content oriented to different search engines such as google, yahoo or bing. How helpful was this post?Storytelling is an art that can engage people. That is why today companies are using storydoing . While storytelling is a communication and advertising strategy, storydoing invites action. Here we present its advantages and how to develop it.

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What is storytelling and what is storydoing : from telling to getting involved in a story storytelling is based on telling stories to emotionally connect the audience with a brand and its products . It is more than a promotional campaign. Because the objective is not to speak directly about your product or service (cardona. 2020). Seo and content marketing: 12 important tips with this. What you are looking for is to sell your brand indirectly and through stories that generate identification with it. The audiovisual narrative of storytelling makes an impact because of its characters and sensations. Not because it explicitly lists the benefits of the brand. Storydoing . However . Is an evolution of storytelling where we involve the audience so that they live the brand’s values.

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It is going from telling what it is like to use a product, to living the experiences it provides in the real world. This marketing strategy is particularly valuable for generating social media content. The reason is that the experiences of use, when they are authentic, generate a greater identification in the consumer, who has the opportunity to enjoy what your company offers (interaktiba, 2019). Storytelling is successful because it uses stories to connect with your emotions, creating engagement . However, storydoing is the next step in corporate communication. It bases its success on the opportunity to participate in a tangible way in the use of the brand.

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